Smart Communities Toolbox Project

CDTC's New Visions 2050 commits to building a 21st Century transportation system. This means the strategic deployment of technology or innovative solutions to address congestion, safety, mobility, and fiscal sustainability of maintaining the region’s network of roads, bridges, transit facilities, trails, sidewalks, and other transportation infrastructure. The Smart Communities Toolbox will serve as a guide for implementing Smart City projects in the Capital Region. It will identify common interests and opportunities in the region for introducing technology. 

 Capital Region Smart Communities Toolbox REI (project scope)

Meetings & Notes

What is the Task Force? 

CDTC launched a Smart Communities Task Force in 2018 to begin exploring how the Capital District can leverage emerging technologies to improve mobility and foster sustainability with the goal of increasing interest in these concepts among cities, towns, and villages, as well as users of the region's transportation system. The Task Force will meet as needed and will develop a regional "roadmap," which should:

  1. Regional vision for technology and transportation.
  2. Identify technology needs of the transportation network.
  3. Identify project investment priorities and funding strategies.
  4. Identify private sector, university, and public agency partners and define their roles.

The roadmap will also include a vision for what an Autonomous Vehicle (AV)-Ready region should look like and propose policies for achieving the vision.

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