CDTC’s Community and Transportation Linkage Planning Program (the Linkage Program) is an integrated land use and transportation planning program created to implement the regional transportation plan known as New Visions 2040. The Linkage Program has been recognized as a national best practice in livability planning and is the cornerstone of CDTC’s public participation program. The program provides financial and technical assistance to local communities for planning, with particular emphasis on projects that support implementation of innovative transportation and land use concepts. Examples include strategic zoning code changes/zoning code overlays, the development of complete streets design guidelines, strategic master plans, etc.

The Linkage Program is one of the most significant cooperative regional efforts in the nation to reflect, in practice, what representatives of the region’s counties, cities, towns and villages as well as state and local transportation providers have adopted as policy. In recognition of this regional achievement, the Linkage Program received a 2010 National Planning Excellence Award from the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Transit Administration and the American Planning Association.

As of March 2020, CDTC has funded a total of 92 collaborative, jointly-funded studies over the past twenty years. Study sponsors have included 41 separate urban, suburban and rural municipalities and counties as well as not-for-profits and other public entities. Roughly $6.5 million in federal, state and local funds have been committed to the Linkage Program since its inception in 2000.