CDTC's Community and Transportation Linkage Program (the Linkage Program) provides funding for local governments to prepare community-based transportation and land use plans consistent with New Visions 2050 planning and investment principles. New Visions sets the stage for local planning decisions that support the development of a quality region with a safe, resilient, equitable and accessible transportation system. 

The Linkage Program has been recognized as a national best practice in livability planning and is the cornerstone of CDTC’s public participation program. As of April 2022, CDTC has funded 98 collaborative, jointly-funded studies in partnership with 43 local communities as well as not-for-profits and other public entities. Since the inception of the Linkage Program in 2000, over $7.3 million in federal, state and local funds have been committed to community planning.

Community Planner Forum

Local government planners and officials are invited to attend CDTC's quarterly Community Planner Forum meetings. Learn more on the Community Planner Forum webpage.

New Visions 2050 Webinar Series and CDTC's Learning Center

Interested in learning more about transportation planning? Check out the New Visions 2050 Webinar Series and CDTC's Learning Center.

Local Government Training

CDTC is scheduling New Visions 2050 virtual training presentations for Town Boards, City Councils, Zoning and/or Planning Boards. Training will provide an overview to local governments on how they can play a role in implementing New Visions and creating the next generation transportation system. 

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Contact Sandy Misiewicz, AICP by emailing or calling 518-458-2161.

Planning Quality Communities for over 20 Years



Linkage Study Plans in Progress (.pdf)
(as of March 1, 2023)