The CDTC Freight Priority Network (FPN) provides a logical system of routes that facilitate efficient and safe truck mobility within, to, and from the CDTC region. FPN designation is important because it provides CDTC and its constituent municipalities, counties, and State agencies with guidance on roadway investment, planning, design (e.g., clearances, turning radii), maintenance, pavement, signalization, and access management to help support freight mobility across the region.

The primary function of FPN designation is to bring roads that carry critical freight and goods movements to the forefront in freight-related investment decisions. Further, FPN designation is intended to engage local jurisdictions in operating, maintaining, and designing FPN roads to adhere to these specifications to promote safe/reliable infrastructure and efficient movement. For example, projects affecting FPN routes receive acknowledgment for being part of the major freight system when planning and programming investments.

CDTC designated the original FPN in the late 1990s based on professional knowledge of regional freight movement patterns and routes. The original FPN simply designated a facility as a freight route, without any further gradation of route type or purpose. The Regional Freight Plan (2016) built on that existing FPN to create specific designation criteria for a hierarchy of three route types: Major Routes, Minor Routes, and Connectors.

A complete description of the FPN can be found in the New Visions 2050 Freight White Paper.