CDTC's New Visions Plan goes far beyond traditional transportation issues by examining issues related to a Quality Region. A quality region considers health, the economy, and the environment within an overall framework of land use planning and transportation policies. Creating and sustaining a quality region in the Capital District is central to the direction of New Visions toward urban investment, concentrated development patterns, and smart economic growth.

A quality region:

  • Develops and sustains healthy urban, suburban, and rural communities that function interdependently and readily adapt to change.
  • Creates economic, educational, social, cultural and recreational opportunities.
  • Provides safe neighborhood environments and housing choices for all.
  • Protects sensitive environmental resources.
  • Fosters community identity and "a sense of place" in all parts of the region.

To achieve a quality region, CDTC explores topics such as alternative fuels, electric vehicles, fuel economy, greenhouse gas emissions and energy conservation, travel demand management, environmental systems, environmental justice and smart growth.