TIP Number PIN Truncated Description
T124 1822.16 Hudson River Corridor BRT Operations
T125 1824.62 Washington/Western BRT Phase 3
T126 1824.70 Bus Lane Feasibility Study
T127 1824.63 Center for Disability Services
T128 1824.64 Schenectady County, NYSARC
T129 1824.65 Northeast Health Foundation
T130 1824.66 Colonie Senior Service Centers
T131 1824.67 St. Peter's Hospital Foundation
T132 1824.68 Town of Guilderland
T133 1824.69 NYSARC, Saratoga County Chapter
T134 1824.71 Washington/Western BRT Phase 4
T135 CDTC135 Retrofit Buses with UV Disinfecting
T136 CDTC136 Bus Rapid Transit Expansion Study
T137 CDTC137 BusPlus Red Line Upgrades
A290 1347.07 Selkirk Bypass
A295 1132.16 New Karner Road (NY 155), from US 20 to
A453 1759.22 Watervliet Shaker Road, from Karner Road
A523 1759.14 Albany Shaker Road & Northern Boulevard:
A524 1759.17 Albany County High Risk Rural Road
A568 1760.29 Hudson Avenue from Tibbits Avenue to the
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