TIP Number PIN Truncated Description
RG142 1811.26 Overhead Sign Structure Replacement
RG143 1811.20 Sign Replacement
RG144 TWSE.19 NYS Thruway Durable Pavement Markings
RG145 1811.39 Wrong Way Driving and Low Clearance
T6A 1824.01 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and
T6B 1820.37 STAR Buses Replacement and Expansion
T9 CDTC09 Facility Improvements
T11 1821.18 Passenger Facility Improvements at
T14A NA Transit Operating Assistance
T14B CDTC.08 Transit Operations Support for Saratoga
T16 1821.80 Transit Support Vehicles
T17 1820.48 Transit Bus Replacement/Expansion
T57 1TR6.04 Preventive Maintenance
T72 1820.61 Safety and Security
T77 CDTC.20 Capital Cost of Contracting for Commuter
T107 CDTC107 Hudson River Corridor BRT: Phase 1
T108 CDTC108 TDM Multimodal Implementation
T109 1760.59 Washington/Western BRT Phase 1
T122 CDTC122 Hudson River Corridor BRT: Final Phase
T123 1822.15 Washington/Western BRT Phase 2
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