TIP Number PIN Truncated Description
S245 1760.62 Rosa Road, Wendell Avenue and Nott
S247 1760.57 Brandywine Avenue, I-890 to State
S249 1760.60 Nott Street/Balltown Road Intersection:
S250 1760.77 River Road/Rosendale Road Intersection:
S251 1933.47 Air National Guard Road: Grade Crossing
S252 1933.48 Van Buren Lane: Grade Crossing Signal
S253 1933.52 Sacandaga Road (NY 147) Grade Crossing
S254 1933.53 Vley Road Grade Crossing Signal Upgrade
S255 1933.54 Freeman's Bridge Road (NY 911F) Grade
S256 1933.56 Lower Gregg Road Grade Crossing Signal
S257 1760.95 City of Schenectady PSAP
S258 1761.18 Francis Avenue Over I-890: Bridge Repair
S259 1761.69 Craig Street, Albany Street to Wyllie
S260 1111.41 US 20 Over Schoharie Creek: Element
S261 1761.66 Guilderland Avenue & Helderberg Avenue:
S262 1761.67 Helderberg Avenue, Curry Road (NY 7) to
S263 1761.62 Sunnyside Road Bridge: Rehabilitation
S264 1525.39 I-890 over Erie Blvd and Broadway:
S265 1761.59 Freemans Bridge Road Multi-Use Path
S266 1761.60 Franklin Street Cycle Track
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