TIP Number PIN Truncated Description
RG103 1TR7.02 Bicycle/Pedestrian Network Set-Aside
RG118 1809.29 ADA Compliance Set-Aside
RG130 CDTC.32 Travel Demand Management & Multimodal
RG131 CDTC.31 Bus Rapid Transit
RG132 1809.96 Rustic Rail Replacement
RG133 1810.33 Guiderail Replacement
RG134 1810.81 State Bridge Miscellaneous Preservation
RG135 1810.35 State Culvert Replacements Set-Aside
RG136 1810.66 State Miscellaneous Pavement Maintenance
RG137 1809.02 State Slope Repairs Set-Aside
RG138 1760.53 Local Low Volume Roads, Bridges and
RG140 10PS.02 New York State Pedestrian Safety Action
RG141 1811.23 Navigational Lights Replacement
RG142 1811.26 Overhead Sign Structure Replacement
RG143 1811.20 Sign Replacement
RG144 TWSE.19 NYS Thruway Durable Pavement Markings
RG145 1811.39 Wrong Way Driving and Low Clearance
RG15 1810.57 Durable Pavement Markings Set-Aside
RG23 1810.16 Traffic Signal Set-Aside for State
RG29 1755.63 CDTC Project Development Support
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