TIP Number PIN Truncated Description
RG15 1810.57 Durable Pavement Markings Set-Aside
RG23 1810.16 Traffic Signal Set-Aside for State
RG29 1755.63 CDTC Project Development Support
RG37 1811.36 HELP Program
RG37A 1810.46 TMC Operating Costs
RG37B 1810.51 TMC Engineering Support
RG37C 1809.50 TMC ITS Set-Aside
RG103 1TR7.02 Bicycle/Pedestrian Network Set-Aside
RG118 1809.29 ADA Compliance Set-Aside
RG130 CDTC.32 Travel Demand Management & Multimodal
RG131 CDTC.31 Bus Rapid Transit
RG132 1809.96 Rustic Rail Replacement
RG133 1810.33 Guiderail Replacement
RG134 1810.81 State Bridge Miscellaneous Preservation
RG135 1810.35 State Culvert Replacements Set-Aside
RG136 1810.66 State Miscellaneous Pavement Maintenance
RG137 1809.02 State Slope Repairs Set-Aside
RG138 1760.53 Local Low Volume Roads, Bridges and
RG140 10PS.02 New York State Pedestrian Safety Action
RG141 1811.23 Navigational Lights Replacement
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