The Capital Region's 2022 Bridge NY is now available for review

On February 2, 2023, the Planning Committee of CDTC approved the Draft 2022 Bridge NY program awardees for public review.

The summary of awardees can be found below:

Bridge NY Summary table

Bridge NY Summary table by county



To submit a comment about the Draft 2022 Bridge NY program, email us at



Below is the Bridge NY program eligibility, program guidance, and selection porcess for reference.

Eligibile Sponsors

Eligible Sponsors include any city, county, town, village, or other political subdivision, including tribal nations/governments and public benefit corporations, authorized to receive and administer State and Federal transportation funding. This program is intended to focus on locally owned structures.

Eligible Projects

Bridge projects must be on a public roadway that carries vehicular traffic; be eligible for Federal aid; and shall follow the federal aid process. Bridges that are state-owned or on a toll collection facility are excluded from eligibility. Multiuse (Pedestrian/Bicycle) and railroad bridges are also not eligible. Off‐System Bridges or bridges on roads that are not part of the federal aid system are encouraged. Roads carrying Off-System Bridges have a functional classification of minor collector, rural local and urban local.


  • Project Submission Deadline – January 6, 2023
  • CDTC Planning Committee Review of Project Evaluations and Prioritization – February 2, 2023
  • Public Review of Project Priorities – February 2023
  • CDTC Policy Board Review and Approval of Projects for Addition to the TIP – March 2, 2023
  • Construction Phase Authorization - All selected projects should have funding authorized for construction 24 months from the execution of the State‐Local Agreement (SLA)
  • Construction Completion - Projects should be completed within 30 months of commencing construction

How to Apply

To apply for BRIDGE NY funds, complete an online application form for each candidate bridge project detailing the scope, schedule, and costs of the proposal. Applications are due on Friday, January 6, 2023 at 5 p.m.

The application requires Sponsors to provide the following information about each bridge:

  • An owner defined responsible point of contact;
  • Bridge BIN #;
  • Clearly defined scope of work (if not a complete replacement, define the major components being replaced or repaired). Sponsors are strongly encouraged to work with NYSDOT regional staff for an informal pre‐review of cost and scope;
  • Project Construction and Total cost, including design, right of way acquisition and construction inspection;
  • Estimated schedule by federal fiscal year; and

If the application has been reviewed by a NYS Professional Engineer, include a signed certification letter stating that the NYS PE performed a Quality Assurance review of the application.


Full Program Guidance and and Evaluation Methodology can be found via the links below: