Project Solicitation

Who Can Apply For Funding

The New York State Department of Transportation, the Capital District Transportation Authority, Counties, Cities, Towns, Villages and other public entities within CDTC's planning area are eligible to apply. 

Project Eligibility

All projects must be eligible for federal aid funding programs under the FAST Act including the National Highway Performance Program (NHPP), the Surface Transportation Block Grant Program (STBG) and the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). Projects must also meet all CDTC elgibility guidelines (2018) and applications must be complete at the time of submittal. Sponsors proposing transportation projects on roadways they do not own must submit a letter of support from the roadway owner. Review the Project Eligibility Data drop down menu to the right for additional information.

Project Evaluations

All candidate projects are evaluated by the CDTC staff. 50% of the score is derived from a calculated Benefit/Cost ratio and 50% is derived from a Merit Category Score. More details regarding the evaluation methodology and the Merit Category Score Sheet are available under the Evaluation Criteria Materials drop down menu to the right.

CDTC’s Planning Committee and Policy Board are ultimately responsible for funding awards.

Solicitation Schedule

The 2022-2027 TIP update schedule is subject to change.

September 24 - TIP Workshop

November 5 - Project Proposals Due

January 2022 - Project evaluations completed. CDTC Planning Committee prioritizes projects for funding.

February 2022 - CDTC Planning Committee Reviews Draft 2022-2027 TIP

March 2022 - CDTC Policy Board approves Draft 2022-2027 TIP for public review. Begin 60 day public review process

March/April 2022 - Virtual Public Workshop held (Date/Time TBD)

June 2022 - Final 2022-2027 TIP Approved by CDTC Policy Board

Detailed TIP Update Schedule

Questions & TIP Guidance Workshop

Sponsors may contact Executive Director Sandy Misiewicz, AICP by calling (518) 458-2161 or emailing at any time for assistance with the electronic application. CDTC staff is available to discuss your proposal before submittal.

CDTC will also host a Transportation Impovement Program Informational webinar on September 24, 2021 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. The webinar will guide potential project sponsors through the application process by reviewing project eligibility requirements, reviewing application form tips and tricks and reviewing available data and other resources to complete project proposals. Time will be reserved to answer questions.

Click the button below to register for the TIP Guidance Workshop. 

Submit a Comment

All public comments on the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) process and specific projects can be made by phone by calling the CDTC Office at (518) 458-2161 or by emailing  

Supporting Documents & Data

CDTC has made the following data availalbe to help sponsors determine project eligibilty and support the application process.

Solicitation Documents

Project Eligibility Data

Federal Aid Eligibility Criteria

CDTC Definitions for Preservation and Beyond Preservation Projects

Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Eligibility Criteria
*Note: HSIP program funds may be used on any public roadway. 

NYSDOT Roadway Inventory System Map

NYSDOT Functional Classification Codes

*Note: For pavement related projects federal-aid cannot be used on roads functionally classified as local (8, 9 and 19).

Evaluation Criteria Materials

Unit Cost Estimates

Support Data

Application Information

Use the buttons below to fill out a project application based on your specifc project type (CLICK HERE for a full descrition of each project type). Sponsors are to submit one application per project using the electronic forms below. For projects with multiple components (i.e., a bridge replacement with an additional road repaving project beyond the limits of the bridge) please submit one form for each piece of the project. Supporting documents may be uploaded but are limited to 10 MB in size.  

All submissions are due by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, November 5, 2021. Hard copy or emailed applications WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.