Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a multi-year program of transportation projects that implements the products of the planning process described in New Visions 2040, CDTC's regional transportation plan. A static document along with searchable TIP project listings are available.

Regional Transportation Plan

New Visions 2040, the region's long-range transportation plan, guides CDTC's transportation planning and programming decisions. The plan was developed through a multi-year, stakeholder driven process that included several task forces on topics of particular regional interest. An Executive Summary, Final Report and topic specific white papers are available.

Linkage Program Plans

CDTC’s Community and Transportation Linkage Planning Program (the Linkage Program) is an integrated land use and transportation planning program created to implement the regional transportation plan. The program provides financial and technical assistance to local communities for planning, with particular emphasis on projects that support implementation of innovative transportation and land use concepts. Final reports and an interactive planning study location map are available.

Performance Measures

Performance measures provide key statistical information for assessing the impact and condition of our current transportation infrastructure, and helps guide future public investments. CDTC goes beyond federal requirements through the use of supplemental performance measures.

Other CDTC Planning Products

CDTC produces a number of documents and reports per federal requirements. These plans, studies and programs are the culmination of intensive public outreach and objective analysis, and help to ensure future infrastructure investments provide the utmost benefit to the region.

Non-CDTC Planning Products

State, regional and local governments prepare numerous planning reports relevant to CDTC's activities. Links to plans with a connection to regional transportation or land use issues but funded by other entities are available here.