Table 4A

Capital District Transportation Committee
Transportation Improvement Program

Fiscal Constraint By Fund Source By Program Year (2020-21)
All funds are in matched millions of dollars.
Updated 02-25-2016, 3:03 PM

5th Year: 2020-21 Total: 2016-21
Fund Source Amount Available Overprog-
Amount Available Overprog-
National Hwy Performance Program 32.445 -18.712 162.186 -93.521
STP Flexible 10.295 -6.702 65.671 -47.706
HSIP Safety 2.595 -2.262 13.683 -12.018
STP NFA Bridges 0.880 -0.880 5.198 -5.198
STP Urban 8.580 -3.767 49.791 -25.726
Total 54.795 -32.323 296.529 -184.169

The 'Amount Available' is the amount of authorized federal funds (including match), including carryover funds from the period prior to 2016-17.

'Overprogrammed' is the difference between the amount available and the amount programmed. Negative numbers indicate underprogramming. The fiscal constraint data above is shown only for the years and federal fund sources for which it applies. Amounts available are based upon the historic Capital District shares of amounts allocated to NYSDOT Region 1.

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