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CDTC’s 2007-2012 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) includes federal transportation funding set-asides to help address needs in the specific project types cited below.

CDTC is now soliciting for projects for these set-aside areas. For each of the set-asides there are specific program requirements and evaluation criteria. The details for each of these set-asides including application information can be found through the links below. Eligible project sponsors include state agencies, public authorities, counties, cities, towns, and villages.

Eligible Projects:

ITS for Local Traffic Signals (RG39): This is for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) traffic signals on non-state roads. There is $2.250M available and applications are due March 31, 2008.

Alternative Fuel Retrofit (RG102): This is for retrofitting non-CDTA fleets and off-road vehicles for alternative fuels. There is $0.500M available and applications are due April 4, 2008.

Bicycle/Pedestrian (RG103): The Bicycle/Pedestrian Network Set-Aside is for implementation of actions recommended in linkage studies. There is $1.000M available and applications are due March 31, 2008.

Intersections/Queue Jumpers/Roundabouts (RG104): These funds are for implementation of some of the many roundabout candidates region-wide. There is $5.000M available and applications are due March 31, 2008.

Safety for Non-State Roads (RG105): These funds are safety projects on non-state roads. Individual projects will be capped at $0.500M of federal funds for all phases. There is $7.500M matched available and applications are due March 31, 2008.

New Freedoms (T79 & T79A): This project will provide transit service in excess of the ADA requirements. Local match is 20% for capital improvements and 50% for operating assistance. Projects in Saratoga Springs are funded from T79A and the rest are funded from T79. Applications are due March 24, 2008.

Submission Information:

To apply for these funds, a Project Justification Package (PJP) must be completed for each project being proposed.

Five (5) copies of the completed PJP must be submitted to the Capital District Transportation Committee, attn: Set-Aside Program, One Park Place, Main Floor, Albany, NY 12205.

Please note that there is a varying local share required on all of these federal-aid funding programs. Please contact David Jukins at (518) 458-2161 with any questions.

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