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The Transportation Enhancement Program (TEP) is a federal reimbursement program under the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU), administered by the New York Department of Transportation (NYSDOT).

In recognition that transportation systems are influenced and impacted by more than the condition of the traditional highway and bridge infrastructure, this program enables funding for transportation projects of cultural, aesthetic, historic and environmental significance.

Eligible projects must fall into one or more of the twelve Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) categories. The categories are listed on the “Eligible Project Types” link on this website. Additionally, the project must have a transportation relationship with the surface transportation system and must be available for public access and use.

Transportation Enhancement Program
Projects Funded in Round 2 under TEA-21 (2002)
Project TitleSponsorFederal $Local $Total Project Cost
Glenville and Scotia Sidewalk ProjectTown of Glenville$ 525,000$ 175,000$ 700,000
Zim Smith Mid-County TrailSaratoga (County)$ 985,420$ 246,355$ 1,231,775
Mohawk Hudson Bike Path ImprovementsAlbany (County)$ 406,000$ 174,000$ 580,000
Sherwood Avenue SidewalksTown of E. Greenbush$ 344,480$ 86,120$ 430,600
Historic Hadley Bow BridgeTown of Hadley$ 1,160,000$ 290,000$ 1,450,000

Transportation Enhancement Program
Projects Funded in Round 1 under TEA-21 (1999)
Project TitleSponsorFederal $Local $Total Project Cost
Troy Pedestrian and Bicycle TrailCity of Troy$ 1,634,500$ 408,625$ 2,043,125
Waterfront Intermodal Enhancement ProgramAlbany (City)$ 985,420$ 246,355$ 1,231,775

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