The ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) Priority Network was established by the New Visions 2050 Regional Transportation Plan to help guide investments made through the Congestion Management Process (CMP). The regional ITS Priority Network contains:

  • priority expressways;
  • arterials representing their immediate alternatives (ordinarily either parallel to or connecting the expressways);
  • their secondary alternatives (which entail more surface street travel); and
  • other arterials that are strategically important because they are important travel corridors, although they are not viewed as alternative routes for expressway travelers.

The ITS Priority Network helps to set priorities for TIP project selection, and to identify roadways for which ITS improvements should be considered when implementing any projects. For example, if a bridge replacement project takes place on the ITS priority network, the ITS needs at that location should be carefully reviewed and given special consideration to determine if an ITS component could be efficiently incorporated into the project.

An interactive map of the ITS Priority Network may be viewed by clicking the map to the right.

For more information on the ITS Priority Network or on CDTC's Congestion Management Process, please refer to the CDTC Regional Operations and Travel Reliability White Paper, part of the New Visions 2050 update.