Public input will better inform how federal funding is spent on transportation projects in the Capital Region.

ALBANY, NY May 24, 2023 – CDTC has initiated an update to its Congestion Management Process, which will identify congested locations in the Capital Region and recommend strategies to improve traffic. Public input is currently being sought to identify congested locations. The congestion survey is available at

The 10-minute survey allows users to place pins on an interactive map of the Capital Region to report congestion and leave comments on their traveling experiences, a practice known as crowdsourcing. Input may be shared from the perspective of a driver, passenger, transit rider, bicyclist, or pedestrian. The survey may be accessed on desktops, laptops, or mobile devices.

Each day, about 3.2 million trips are taken in the Capital Region by auto, transit, walking, or biking, totaling more than 21 million miles of daily travel, according to data compiled by CDTC. Traffic in the region has shifted considerably in recent years due to COVID, work from home policies, and other factors, and the input received through this survey will assist CDTC with assessing regional travel conditions and identifying strategies for improvement.

“While our staff has access to good travel time data on most major roadways, that data needs to be supplemented with information from the public who use the transportation system every day,” said Sandra Misiewicz, CDTC Executive Director. “There are often issues the data fails to pick up, particularly on roadways that are more local in nature making community input essential to this process.”

Per federal requirements, Metropolitan Planning Organizations like CDTC in regions with populations over 200,000 must have and maintain a Congestion Management Process. An effective Congestion Management Process improves the reliability of the transportation system, improves system performance, and reduces the adverse impacts of congestion on the movement of people and goods.

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