The study considered how Federal Street could be improved for pedestrians and bicyclists, and it assessed the feasibility of a boulevard bookended by roundabouts.

The Capital District Transportation Committee (CDTC) and the City of Troy announce the completion of the Federal Street Corridor Study. The study’s purpose was to reconsider the wide arterial that bisects downtown Troy and examine concepts that would calm traffic, improve pedestrian access and connectivity, and provide bicycle connections within the City of Troy and to the Empire State Trail.

The study looked at the possibility of redesigning Federal Street as a complete street, a street that supports mobility and safety for all users. This included improving pedestrian and bicycle connections across and through the corridor. The study also assessed the feasibility of a boulevard bookended by roundabouts at River Street and 6th Avenue to mitigate vehicular delays and improve air quality.

The study found that nearly all of the public that participated wanted some kind of improvements to Federal Street, underscoring the need for intervention. Several designs for pedestrian and bicycle facilities and treatments were considered for both basic technical feasibility and public reaction. To see the range of options considered and associated public support, view the full report. To see the full report on this study or others in CDTC’s Linkage Planning Program, visit the Linkage Program Final Reports page.

The study is a product of CDTC’s Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), through which CDTC provides funding for local governments to prepare community-based transportation and land use plans consistent with New Visions 2050 planning and investment principles. Studies funded through the UPWP better prepare communities to implement projects and policies by completing preliminary technical work and ensuring public support.

“This study allowed the City, agency partners, and community members to explore options to create a more walkable, bikeable, and slower street in the heart of downtown, rightsizing a roadway built in a different era. We look forward to seeing the ideas further explored through an upcoming design project funded through CDTC,” said Sandy Misiewicz, Executive Director.

City of Troy Mayor Wm. Patrick Madden said, “Everyone in our community should be able to safely Enjoy Troy and this study brings us one step closer to fulfilling the safety and accessibility needs not only of our motorists, but our bicyclists, pedestrians, and those living with mobility challenges. With the neighborhood so unified in calling for upgrades to Federal Street, I look forward to reviewing and approving an action plan based on this study that brings needed quality of life improvements to our families. I thank the Capital District Transportation Committee and our City of Troy workforce for the diligent attention that went into this report.”

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