2006 Capital District Regional Bike-Hike Map: The 2nd edition of CDTC’s Regional Bike-Hike Map was produced in the Spring of 2006 to assist pedestrians, cyclists, and inline skaters, in planning both recreational and commuter trips throughout the Capital District. Throughout the creative process, CDTC staff took into consideration recommendations from CDTC's Bicycle & Pedestrian Task Force . The map displays existing trails and routes as well as facilities to be constructed in 2006. Print copies of this map are no longer available.

2010 Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail Map: This map is an update to CDTC’s 2004 map. The updated version retains the familiar layout of the 2004 map, however the accuracy of trail alignments and amenities, as well as on-road signage have been enhanced due to the use of GPS technology. Input from CDTC’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Task Force aided in determining which features and labels to include in the 2010 map. To request a copy of the map, please call CDTC at (518) 458-2161, or e-mail CDTC at

Priority Networks: CDTC has been utilizing priority networks in planning and project programming since they were originally developed by New Visions task forces for the 1997 regional transportation plan. Priority networks exist for bicyclists and pedestrians, freight, intelligent transportation systems and transit. These networks are used in CDTC’s merit evaluation of Transportation Improvement Program project proposals and improvements to them are made as described in the white papers for each topic supporting New Visions 2040.

Functional Classification Map: This is an interactive map on the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) Website. It is meant to help the user determine the functional classification of a road segment.

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