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Regional Freight and Goods Movement Plan

Regional Freight & Goods Movement Plan Brochure

CDTC has an active Freight Advisory Committee that brings together private freight operators and public freight planners to share information on local freight issues and events in order to develop a reliable, efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible freight transportation system for the region. The committee recently reconvened with both old and new members after a period of inactivity.  The roles of the Freight Advisory Committee include:

Current Activities:  Presently the Advisory Committee is providing input to CDTC's long-range transportation plan update (New Visions 2040) and is in the beginning stages of developing a Freight Plan for the region.

The Advisory Committee meetings are held quarterly in February, May, August, & November. Anyone interested in freight or goods movement issues is welcome to attend. Please contact CDTC at 518-458-2161 for more information regarding the Advisory Committee and the quarterly meetings.

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