Ultimate authority for all of CDTC's actions rests with the Policy Board, which operates by consensus. The Policy Board delegates authority to the Planning Committee to recommend plans and programs to the Policy Board for action. CDTC's Policy Board members are encouraged to bring forth issues and concerns at any time -- they are expected to be active participants in the process.

Policy Board meetings are open to the public.  The public is welcome to comment on transportation related issues within the Capital District.  To register to speak and/ or to request auxiliary aids or services and reasonable accommodations please contact us at: 458-2161 or cdtc@cdtcmpo.org. Request for aids, services, or reasonable accommodations must be made at least seven business days prior to the meeting.



Chair: Mayor Kathy Sheehan, City of Albany

Vice-Chair: Carm Basile,  Chief Executive Officer, Capital District Transportation Authority

Secretary: Patrick Barnes, Regional Director, NYS DOT Region-1

To learn more read the Guide to CDTC.

CDTC's Policy Board Members

  • Albany CountyDaniel P. McCoy, Albany County Executive
  • Albany CountyAndrew Joyce, Chair, Albany County Legislature
  • Albany CityKathy M. Sheehan, Mayor
  • Albany County Airport AuthorityPhilip F.Calderone, Esq.
  • Albany Port District CommissionPatrick K. Jordan, Esq.
  • Capital District Regional Planning CommissionCraig M. Warner
  • Capital District Transportation AuthorityCarm Basile, CEO
  • Colonie TownPaula A. Mahan, Supervisor
  • Cohoes CityWilliam T. Keeler, Mayor
  • Federal Highway Administration: Richard J. Marquis
  • Federal Transit Administration Region-2: Stephen Goodman, Regional Admin.
  • Mechanicville City: Dennis M. Baker, Mayor
  • Menands Village: Megan Grenier, Mayor
  • NYS Department of Transportation Region-1: Patrick Barnes, Regional Director
  • New York State Thruway Authority: Joseph Stahl, Acting Director
  • Rensselaer City: Michael E. Stammel, Mayor
  • Rensselaer County: Steven McLaughlin, Chair, Rensselaer County Executive
  • Rensselaer County: Michael E. Stammel, Chair, Rensselaer County Legislature
  • Sand Lake Town: Nancy Perry, Supervisor
  • Saratoga County: Preston Allen, Chair, Saratoga County Board of Supervisors
  • Saratoga County: Thomas C. Werner
  • Saratoga Springs: Meg Kelly, Mayor
  • Schenectady City: Gary McCarthy, Mayor
  • Schenectady County: Anthony Jasenski, Sr., Chair, Schenectady County Legislature
  • Schenectady County: Joe Landry
  • Troy City: Patrick Madden, Mayor
  • Watervliet City: Charles V. Patricelli, Mayor

    As of March 2020

2020 Meetings

Policy Board meetings are held quarterly on the 1st Thursday of the month at 3:00 p.m. at the CDTC Office (unless otherwise specified). Contact us if you would like to register to speak.

2020 Meeting/Mail Out Schedule Including TIP Amendment Submission Deadlines

March 5, 2020

June 4, 2020

September 3, 2020


II. Administration - Draft June 4, 2020 meeting minutes

Privilege of the Floor

IV. 2019-24 TIP Amendments  T145

V. Resolution to Adopt New Visions 2050

V. Final New Visions 2050 Approval https://www.cdtcmpo.org/images/new_visions/NewVisions2050_Draft_ForWeb_04_30.pdf 

VI. Final Transportation / Air Quality Conformity Determination Approval https://www.cdtcmpo.org/images/new_visions/Conformity_Statement_for_the_Capital_District_DRAFT_5-28-20_-_with_project_listings.pdf 

VII. Final Congestion Management Process Approval https://www.cdtcmpo.org/images/new_visions/Regional_Operations.pdf 

VIII. CDTA Safety Plan Presentation & Approval - Resolution to Support CDTA Targets

 X. Status of Solicitations

     A. CDTC/CDRPC Techncial Assistance Progam

     B. Complete Streets Workshop

     C. ADA Transition Plans

     D. Trail Feasibilty Study

     E. Smart Cities Study

XI. Status of Planning Activities

     H. Linkage/ Local Planning Activities


The video of this meeting will be available via YouTube Live on CDTC’s YouTube channel


December 3, 2020


II.    Administration - Draft September 3, 2020 meeting minutes


Privilege of the Floor

IV.  Presentation by FHWA/ FTA - 2020 Federal Certification Review Report

V.   2019-24 TIP Amendments

VI.  NYSDOT Safety Performance Measures & Target Approvals - Fact Sheet & Resolution 20-4

VII. NYSDOT CMAQ Emision Reductions Performance Measures & Target Approvals - Fact Sheet & Resolution 20-5


VIII.Draft Public Participation Plan Update & Approval to Release Final Draft to the Public

IX.  Trail Feasibility Study Award Approval 

X.   Impact of COVID-19 on Transportation in the Capital District 

XI.  2021 Planning Committee & Policy Board  Meeting Schedules

XII. CDTC/ CDRPC Technical Assistance Program  


XIII. Status of Planning Activities

     H. Linkage/ Local Planning Activities


The video of this meeting will be available via YouTube Live on CDTC’s YouTube channel


Policy Board Meeting Material Archive:

2019 Meetings
2018 Meetings
2017 Meetings
2016 Meetings

Additional archived meeting materials are available on this page through 2007. Materials earlier than 2007 are available by request. Contact us for more information

NOTE: Meeting materials available on this web site may not include all materials included in the meeting mail out, such as letters from other agencies and brochures. There may also be materials not available until the meeting, such as handouts and audio-visual presentations.

The Policy Board also maintains an Administrative & Financial (A & F) Standing Subcommittee composed of the CDTC Chairman and other appointees. This subcommittee handles CDTC personnel and housekeeping issues on behalf of the Policy Board.

The Capital District Transportation Committee (CDTC) is committed to ensuring that no person is excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of, its metropolitan transportation planning process on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, or economic status, as protected by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related statutes and regulations. You may request additional information by contacting CDTC as described below. If you believe you have been subjected to discrimination under Title VI or related statutes or regulations, you may file a complaint to the CDTC by sending your written complaint to Attention: Executive Director, CDTC; 1 Park Place; Colonie, New York 12205, or by sending an e-mail to ej@cdtcmpo.org.