Capital District                                                                                                 October 30, 1997

Transportation Committee







The CDTC Bicycle and Pedestrian Issues Task Force's New Visions report recommended establishing a standing bicycle/pedestrian committee to continue meeting and providing advice to the Planning and Policy Committees.  The concept of a bicycle/pedestrian advisory committee was endorsed by CDTC's Administrative and Financial Standing Subcommittee with reservations regarding the functions and capacities of such a committee.  To address these reservations, following is a draft statement of function and logistical arrangements, developed on the premise that the Committee would have too open-ended a mandate without defining for it some fairly specific roles in and responsibilities to the CDTC process.


Committee Functions


Provide concise reports to the Planning Committee on problems in the bicycle/pedestrian travel environments; draft bicycle/pedestrian planning products for Planning Committee review/approval; carry out special projects (studies, public meetings) or prepare discussions of specific topics as requested by Planning Committee.


Meeting Frequency


Suggest quarterly basis -- February, May, August and November.  Meeting can either be "routine" (no specific product on which to be worked) or "special" (primarily for the purpose of working toward specific product).


Meeting Goals


Routine meetings;  prepare status report on bicycle and pedestrian travel environments, opportunities for improvement, other recent developments (e.g., conferences, successes elsewhere) for Planning Committee information.


Special topic meetings:  prepare specific deliverables (e.g., regional bike/ped plan, bike/ped travel studies) for Planning Committee review.


Meeting Products


Routine:  Memo to Planning Committee, to include discussions of problems noted, opportunities for bicycle/pedestrian accommodation, recommendations.


Special:  Draft plans, maps, reports.