CDTC's Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) identifies the short-range transportation planning activities undertaken by the CDTC staff, its planning partners and its consultants for two federal fiscal years. All federally funded transportation related planning activities in the region are documented in the UPWP. Partner agencies receiving federal planning funds for activities in the UPWP include Capital District Transportation Authority, Capital District Regional Planning Commission, and New York State Department of Transportation. CDTC reports on the status of each UPWP task in its bi-annual Progress Report.

In accordance with federal law, CDTC's transportation planning process is reviewed at least every four years by the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration to assure that the planning process is in accordance with federal regulations. The last certification review was completed in 2016 and the findings are documented in the Certification Review Report.

2018-2020 UPWP Documents

Final 2019-20 UPWP:

 Administrative Update & Tables 1-5

 Final 2018-2020 UPWP Text

 Final 2018-2020 UPWP Financial Tables 1-13

Public Comments & CDTC Responses

2016-2018 UPWP Documents

 UPWP Administrative Update for 2017-18

 2016-18 UPWP Document

 2017-18 UPWP Tables 1-16

Hard copies of the UPWP can be found at local Libraries