In a carpool, you and your carpool partners can decide on a schedule, route, and cost-sharing arrangement that meets your exact needs. You can pick each other up at home or agree on a convenient meeting spot, like a Park & Ride Lot. How you carpool is completely up to you. Ride one way or both ways. Ride one day a week, five days a week or anything in between. Carpool with just one other person, or more if you’d like. The choice is yours.

Save Money

Carpool with one other person and you'll cut your costs in half. Carpool with two and you'll cut your costs by two-thirds. You'll not only save on gas, but tolls and parking, too. And you'll put fewer miles on your car, reducing maintenance costs.

Get More Done

With a less stressful commute, you’ll be more productive when you get to the office. Instead of being drained, you’ll have the energy to take control of your daily tasks and activities. What’s more, if you choose, you can use your time in transit to get a leg up on work. Not only will you get more done during the day, you’ll be more relaxed when you get home. And, thanks to the Guaranteed Ride Home program, which reimburses you if you miss your ride home from work, you’ll never have to worry about being stranded at work.

Find Carpool Partners

Maybe you’ve got a friend or co-worker you’d like to carpool with. But if you don’t, check out iPool2, the Capital Region’s rideshare matching site. It’s great for finding carpool partners for commuting, going to school, or going hiking in the Adirondacks for the day. After entering your home and work (or school, or hiking) addresses, any convenient Park & Ride lot, and your work hours and flexibility, the system shows you potential matches and provides a secure form to contact those people.