The 2003-04 UPWP involves a significant commitment of financial resources for activities by NYSDOT, CDRPC, CDTA, and the CDTC Staff.


The single largest source of funds is CDTC's Federal Highway Administration metropolitan planning (PL) funds.  The 2003-04 UPWP reflects the use of slightly more than $1,500,000 in CDTC's PL allocations (both this year's allocation and funds carried over from prior years) and $430,000 in PL funds assigned to CDTC to support its statewide contract responsibilities.  Federal Transit Administration funds (new and carryover) total slightly more than $250,000.


A major source of financing support for the UPWP is the capital program.  Surface Transportation Program funds support CDTC's work in project development ($100,000 federal and $25,000 state match); a new Balltown Rd. capacity / land use study ($100,000 federal), and the Nott St / Veeder Terrace Linkage project ($37,500 federal, carryover).  Nearly $600,000 in Congestion Mitigation / Air Quality funds support CDTA's work on BRT planning for the NY5 corridor, help CDTA and CDTC fund a pilot demand management program with the state workforce., and provide operational support for the region's Transportation Management Center.  Over $200,000 in FTA Section 5307 funds are used in support of CDTA's operations planning as well.


NYSDOT continues to provide 3/4 of the required non-federal share on PL and FTA planning projects and 1/2 the non-federal share on CDTA's planning program.  The extensive Linkage planning program involves considerable commitment of local cash match, estimated at over $200,000 for 2003-04 (depending upon the timing of the studies).