The UPWP is developed through efforts to identify the transportation planning needs of the Capital District and define work tasks.  Refinement of the work program is pursued by the Planning Committee and CDTC Staff Director throughout the year, revising priorities, detailing tasks and reviewing resource availability on a quarterly basis.


Fiscal Constraint


CDTC's staff budget relies upon approximately $ 1,500,000 in CDTC’s Federal Highway Administration metropolitan planning funds (supplemented by approximately $500,000 from other MPOs' allocations to cover statewide membership in the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations and staff support to the state MPO association) and $ 215,000 in new Federal Transit Administration planning funds.  A smaller amount of contractual work with Albany County, Saratoga County and the town of Colonie also supports CDTC staff work, as do project development funds through NYSDOT.  The UPWP also includes significant federally-funded transit planning by CDTA (approximately $950,000) and both aviation and Geographic Information System (GIS) planning and other work by the Capital District Regional Planning Commission (CDRPC).  A total of $72,000 of CDTC's FHWA planning funds (carryover and new) have been provided to CDRPC for GIS work and other tasks.  NYSDOT contributes nearly  $600,000 in supporting, state-funded work and cash to help match the federal funds and complete the necessary work.


The 2002-03 UPWP also reflects modest use of TIP-funded activities.  CDTC’s adopted staff plan relies upon continued use of STP funds to support project development activities (modeling, etc.) by staff. Additional TIP funds (CDTA section 9 and CMAQ) are programmed for CDTA’s use and for one Linkage project.


Including CDTC's administration of statewide studies, consultant support of CDTC staff efforts, and CDTC-administered consultant studies, the 2002-03 UPWP reflects over $1,000,000 in CDTC-administered consultant contracts.


Narratives on the following pages highlight 2001-2002 accomplishments and 2002-03 work efforts.  Detailed discussion of accomplishments for all tasks is included in semi-annual progress reports.  Task budgets for all tasks are shown in the financial tables.