The following are additional statewide cooperative studies partly funded with CDTC’s PL funds.

1.         Statewide MPO Association Staff Support (CDTC administered contract; see Task 1.68)

2.         Integrated Transportation and Community Design (CDTC administered contract; see Task 5.85)

3.         Additional Statewide Data Collection (high tech)


ITS implementation across the state is moving the transportation profession into uncharted territory of data collection.  GIS implementation has brought NYSDOT and MPOs into new technology applications including interpretation of satellite imagery.


The Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study (BMTS) holds a $150,000 statewide contract to survey the current state of the practice and develop recommendations.  This work will be completed in 2002-03.  Follow-up refinement and implementation of technology-driven data collection is also scheduled to begin in 2002-03.


Budget:  $150,000 (01-02 obligation), $100,000 (02-03).


4.         Freight Data Training (to be complete by 3/02)


5.         Examination Of Long-Range Financing Needs For Transportation In New York


The effort is a joint MPO undertaking through consultant assistance.  Issues include stable financing for transit (and a critical look at financial requirements of transit elements of MPO plans), local highway infrastructure condition and needs, quality-of-life and economic development projects, state infrastructure needs, and strategic regional and statewide projects.  The product of this effort would provide a basis for discussions with the state legislature, input to subsequent MPO and state plans, and a needs assessment for Congressional development of the NEXT-TEA legislation.


Budget: $200,000 (01-02).  The Genesee Transportation Council holds a consultant contract on behalf of the NYS MPO Association.  Project to be completed in 2002-03.


6.         Exploration of Factors Influencing Future Travel Behavior (carryover)


In 2001-02, the NYS MPO Association reached out to the national Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (AMPO) to seek partners in this project.  Interest of MPOs in other states in entering a pilot pooled fund project on this subject will be gauged before the project is initiated.  Current discussions include the possibility of holding a national expert panel discussion to generate likely future scenarios Budget:  $100,000.




7.         ITS Operations and Management Integration Strategies (carryover)


This reflects a statewide effort to pursue strategies for integrating system operations and management activities into the MPO process.  As transportation system emphasis increasingly moves away from construction of capital solutions to mobility problems and toward operational actions, there is a clear need to integrate the MPO process and operational activities. 


Current discussions are focusing on linking this work to current NYSDOT statewide planning work on ITS strategies.  A scope for the shared-cost project will be developed in collaboration with NYSDOT.  Budget: $150,000.


8.         GIS  Training and Software (new task)


MPOs across the state are increasing their use and dependence upon GIS tools rapidly.  This task reserves resources, as necessary, to ensure that all MPOs have adequate access to software and training in GIS tools.  The budget for this is $125,000.


9.         Other Training for MPO Staffs (new task)


Resources are reserved in this task for training similar to the 2001-02 Freight Training in other subjects ranging from public involvement skills to technical skills.  The budget for this is $50,000.





The total of new funding commitments to shared cost initiatives in 2002-03 is shown in the table below.  Projects in italics will be administered by CDTC and are described as CDTC tasks above.






FY 02-03 Budgeted


1. Staff Support Contract (see Task 1.68)




2. Integrated Transportation and Community Design (see Task 5.85)




3. Statewide Data Collection




8. GIS Training and Software



9. Other MPO Staff Training