The 2001-02 UPWP involves a significant commitment of financial resources for activities by NYSDOT, CDRPC, CDTA, and the CDTC Staff as shown below.



Fund Source                                                                 Federal            State              Local Total



FHWA % Metropolitan Planning (PL)                           

STP Project Development tasks in UPWP


2000-01 FTA Section 5303

2001-02- FTA Section 5303

New FTA Section 5307

Text Box: See financial tables at the end of the report for complete budget information by agency and task.  Totals will be entered into this summary table after further proofing and adjustment as necessary tables will be completed for the final draftAlbany County                                                            
Saratoga County                                                          
Town of Colonie

US Department of Energy

City of Albany

City of Cohoes

Town of Guilderland                                                    

City of Troy

Town of Malta

Town of  Glenville


Total Contract Value                                                                  

Total Effort                                                                 



County contributions and local contract work appear also as local match on FTA grants.  FHWA PL funds have been increased by transferring funds from other MPOs' allocations to CDTC in order to cover CDTC's administration of AMPO dues. (See Task 1.52.), CDTC’s administration of support for the NYS MPO association (See Task 1.68) and CDTC's administration of a study of Integrated Transportation and Community Design (see Task 5.81).


Required non-federal match for both FHWA PL and FTA Section 5303 and 5307 grants is 20 percent; NYSDOT assumes the entire match for the non-CDTC portion of the AMPO dues and NYS MPO Association task, ¾ of the match for the remainder of the PL and Section 5303 grants.


The 2001-02 UPWP effort is supplemented modestly by TIP-funded projects for CDTC’s project development support (Task 5.57, STP funds).  The "total contract value" for federal contracts includes local match.  Because local match is provided through work performed by CDTC with state and local funds, these funds appear twice in the "total contract value".  "Total effort" represents the amount of work in the UPWP by excluding the value of CDTC in-kind service used as match.