Continuing Tasks in both the 2000-01 and 2001-02 UPWPs




Task                                                                               Lead Agency                     00-02 Comments


1.51 Committee Activities                                                CDTC                           

1.52 Financial Administration                                  NYSDOT/CDTC                  

1.61 Certification Review                                                  CDTC                            formal review conducted late 2000

1.65 UPWP Development and Monitoring                      CDTC                            develop 2002-03 UPWP

1.66 DBE/Title VI Program Update                                  CDTC                            Envir. Justice work begun by 3/01

1.68 Statewide MPO Administration                                CDTC                            continue consultant support

2.16 Microcomputer Model Refinement                         CDTC                            plan reworked

2.30 Routine Highway Condition Inventory                     CDTC                            Federal-aid system in 2001

2.31 Traffic Volume Report                                              CDTC                            now on web, continual updates

2.25 Collection of Transp Planning Support Data           CDTC                            continued heavy use of interns

2.28 Census Transp. Planning Package                             CDTC                            Initial Census data rollout in 2001

2.29 Geog.Info System for Transp.                                   CDTC                           

3.77 New Visions                                                               CDTC                            New Visions 2030, Quality Region

3.05 Infrastructure Renewal Planning                               CDTC                            Unit cost review for New Visions 2030

3.06 Goods Movement Planning                                       CDTC                            continued task force support

3.86 Continuous Aviation System Planning                    CDRPC                         

3.01 Management Systems                                                CDTC                            development of Safety Mgt. System;

                                                                                                                                    update of CMS data, process

3.02 Air Quality Planning                                                  CDTC                            conformity continues; reclassification

3.10 I-87 Corridor                                                              CDTC                            continues

3.11 REVEST                                                                      CDTC                            continues

4.07 ADA / Human Service Agency Options                   CDTC                            assist in brokerage expansion

4.17 Arterial Management Planning                                 CDTC                            revise, update standards

4.39 Short-Range Transit Operational Program              CDTA                           

4.62 Transit Operations Planning                                      CDTA                            Major route redesign efforts

4.67 Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning                              CDTC                            Plan refinement; trail map, logo

4.72 TIP Project Planning and Development Work      NYSDOT                        

4.85 Staff for Traffic Management Center                       CDTA                            continued supplemental CDTA staffing

4.97 TIP Development, Monitoring and Update              CDTC                            adopt 2001-06 TIP

5.51 General Technical Services                                       CDTC                            continued local support

5.61 Project Development Support                         CDTC / NYSDOT                  TIP Implementation

5.67 Linkage Project Oversight                                        CDTC                            continuing for second year  

5.52 General Community Services                                   CDTC                           

5.57 Commuter Support Services                                     CDTC                            continue electronic operation

5.60 Public Transit Planning Support                        CDTC / CDTA                     linkage to New Visions

5.62 Corridor Management Initiative        Municipalities / CDTC / NYSDOT    reflected in "Linkage" studies; also

                                                                                                                                    downtown Albany transit service

5.63 Demand Management                                CDTA/ NYSDOT / CDTC           TIP, increased CDTA activity










Carryover tasks from 1999-00

and New Tasks in the 2001-02 UPWP




Task                                                                               Lead Agency                     00-02 Comments


1.67 Prospectus                                                                  CDTC                            update, adopt

3.09 Physical Implication of Northway Options             CDTC                            to start in 01-02

3.12 Transit Service Standards                                    CDTC/CDTA                      to start in 01-02

4.18 ITS Architecture and Integration                      CDTC/NYSDOT                   new for 2001-02

4.74 Pinebush Environmental Study                               NYSDOT                         carryover, TIP funded

4.82 Urban Corridor Study                                   State Univ Const Fund              completed

4.83 Saratoga Springs Truck Study                           Saratoga Springs                   carryover to 00-02

4.84 South Troy Waterfront Study                                     Troy                             carryover to 00-02

5.58 Site Handbook                                                            CDTC                            defer indefinitely

5.62 NY 5 Assessment                                                       CDTC                            adoption set for 5/01

5.64 Public Relations Training                                          CDTC                            carryover

5.66 Clifton Park                                                                CDTC                            completed

5.68 Pinebush Update                                                         CDTC                            underway, complete in 01-02

5.69 Rotterdam Update                                                      CDTC                            completed

5.70 Schenectady Bike Plan                                              CDTC                            underway, complete in 01-02

5.71 I-787 Industrial Access                                      Albany County                     underway, complete in 01-02

5.72 North Broadway Market Assess.                  Albany Housing Auth               completed

5.73 Central State Street                                                Schen. city                        underway, now TIP funded

5.74 Glenville Town Center Master Plan                       Glenville                         underway, complete in 01-02

5.75 Albany Intermodal Center                                     Albany city                       underway, complete in 01-02

5.76 Route 470 Cohoes                                                    Cohoes                           carryover city-administered consultant

5.77 Hoosick Street Integration                                         Troy                             carryover city-administered consultant

5.78 Saratoga Springs Parking Study                        Saratoga Springs                   complete by 3/01

5.79 McKownville Corridor                                         Guilderland                       new, CDTC-administered consultant

5.80 Malta DISTRICT Study                                               Malta                            new, CDTC-administered consultant

5.81 Lansingburgh Study                                                     Troy                             new, city-administered consultant

5.82 Freeman's Bridge / Dutch Meadows Plan              Glenville                         new, CDTC-administered consultant

5.83 Lawn Avenue Neighborhood Study              Albany Housing Auth               new, CDTC-administered consultant

5.84 NY 5 Corridor Tools                                                 CDTC                            new, CDTC-administered consultant

5.85 Integrated Transp. / Community Design                   CDTC                            new, statewide shared cost study

5.86 Clean Communities Program                                    CDTC                            new, USDOE supported effort