TASK 1.51          Committee Activities


This task covers CDTC meetings and maintenance of committee membership and structure.


TASK 1.52          Financial Administration / AMPO Dues


Included under this item are membership dues for the national Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations on behalf of New York’s 12 MPOs.  Funding for the dues is pooled by the MPOs and administered by CDTC.


TASK 1.68          Statewide MPO Association Support


Sarah Siwek and Associates was retained by CDTC in 2000 to serve as the NYS MPO Association’s staff on a contractual basis.  The $100,000 annual budget is designed around an estimated 1,000 hours of effort per year (professional and/or support staff), providing sufficient resources for travel to statewide meetings and national (AMPO, etc.) activities.  The firm will continue to develop and organize statewide meetings and conferences, develop outlines for potential statewide initiatives, and represent the perspectives of NY’s MPOs at statewide and national meetings.  For 2001-02, a carryover amount of $50,000 combines with $100,000 in new funds to provide the ability to respond to new challenges, including appropriate technical work in conjunction with statewide shared cost initiative contracts of other consultants.  This effort has been accompanied by the precedent-setting advance billing for the costs of the staff support.


TASK 1.61          Certification Review


The formal certification review by USDOT was conducted in late 2000.  No self-certification will be required.


TASK 1.65          UPWP Development


The 2002-03 UPWP will be developed under this task.


TASK 1.66          DBE Plan/ Environmental Justice


CDTC will continue to make maximum use of available DBE firms and individuals.  In 2001-02, CDTC will seek to resolve an outstanding question regarding appropriate procedures for application to CDTC (currently NYSDOT procedures apply but may not be truly relevant to CDTC staff operations).  This will permit adoption of a new set of procedures crafted to CDTC's needs.


During 2000-01 CDTC began an assessment of its plans, programs and processes from the perspective of President Clinton’s directive on “Environmental Justice” as part of this task.  Analyses will be documented in 2001-02.  


TASK 1.67          Five-Year Prospectus Update


CDTC has operated under a "de facto" new prospectus, with the various elements (staffing plan, budget, roles and responsibilities, administrative procedures, multi-year planning program) being revised on a rolling basis.  During 2001-02, the strategic plan portion will again be revised, by extending out three years to 2006-07.  Other elements will be reviewed to assure their currency.  In 2001-02, the updated document will be adopted and published.