Notes to Sponsors About Confirming Project Listings

Every project implementer should examine the listings regarding their projects to make certain that the new listings properly reflects each project’s cost and schedule. Every sponsor should check or be aware of the following:

1) The schedules of some phases carried over from the 2013-18 TIP to the 2016-21 TIP were not clear at the meeting on January 6, 2016. This is particularly true for projects whose final funding is in the 2015-16 FFY (the “committed” year of the 2016-21 TIP), which the Planning Committee “added to the TIP”. Based on those definitions, these could be put in the “committed” or “first year” of the 2016-21 TIP. CDTC staff used judgment based on the discussion at the meeting to determine the year. Sponsors should alert CDTC staff to any corrections immediately.

2) Only phases showing in the listings have funding.

3) The funds for each phase are available in the federal fiscal year (FFY) shown. They are not available until then without a change to the TIP, and may not be available after that without a change to the TIP.

4) The funding for each phase must reflect a “good faith” estimate of the cost of that phase. Additional funding should not be assumed, especially after the final version of the TIP is approved. Therefore, if the cost shown does not reflect a “good faith” estimate, it should be made known to CDTC staff immediately.

5) Due diligence has been taken by CDTC staff to produce project listings that accurately reflect Planning Committee actions and project sponsors expectations. However, since errors can occur (in mechanics, communication and understanding), sponsor examination of project listings is a necessary component of accurate project listings.

6) If a sponsor does not address any feature of the project listings during the draft period, it is assumed that the information in the project listings is accurate and that the sponsor agrees with all of it.

7) Members should also comment on projects they are not sponsoring if there is some question about those project listings.

8) Once the 2016-21 TIP is adopted, it replaces the 2013-18 TIP. Therefore, sponsors should not rely on funding shown in the 2013-18 TIP, but not included in the 2016-21 TIP, after adoption of the 2016-21 TIP. Adoption is currently scheduled for June 2016.

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