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CDTC is soliciting for project candidates for various regional set-aside categories for the 2013-2018 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) as shown in the table below. The call letter provides important information related to this solicitation including available funding, the application process and the Schedule. To apply for federal funds, a project sponsor must provide a cover letter and a completed Project Justification Package (PJP), available here in PDF and MS Word formats, for each project proposal. The submission deadline is 5:00 PM on January 31, 2014 at the CDTC Offices (Directions | Map). One (1) hard copy (mailed, faxed or hand delivered) and One (1) electronic copy of the cover letter and PJP must be submitted by the deadline. For questions regarding this solicitation, please contact Michael Franchini, Executive Director or David Jukins, Deputy Director of the CDTC staff at (518) 458-2161 or by email at

Funding Available by Set-Aside
All funds are in millions of dollars.
TIP NumberProject Description1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year
Total Funding
RG28Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) 0.8241.2332.057
RG39ITS Set-Aside for Local Traffic Signals 0.4500.7190.7191.888
RG102Alternative Fuel Program for non-CDTA fleets 0.3720.3720.744
RG103Bicycle/Pedestrian Network Set-Aside 0.1090.7640.7641.637
RG116Goods Movement Set-Aside 0.6250.6251.250
RG119Linkage Program Implementation 0.4690.4690.938
RG124Intersection Safety Improvements 2.0832.0834.166
RG125Pavement Preservation for Non-State Roads 8.2383.41211.650

Please click on the TIP Number of each set aside category in the table above for links to the relevant TIP listing showing applicable fund sources. Fund sources dictate eligible project types and required match, among other information project sponsors must be aware of. Example projects applicable for each set aside category are provided.

Candidate Project Evaluation and Selection Process

In order to apply for federal funds, project sponsors are required to complete the Project Justification Package (PJP). Sponsors should attempt to use CDTC’s federal aid unit costs in their project cost estimates, if a cost estimate is provided.

In step 1 of the evaluation process, the information provided by sponsors is used by CDTC staff to determine if the project is federal aid eligible. For example, for the Pavement Preservation for Non-State Roads set-aside, projects must be on the local federal aid road system. CDTC maintains a list of local federal aid roads in the Capital Region. The project then must meet CDTC’s additional screening criteria. Every project is required to meet all of the screening requirements before progressing to the next step. Please note that additional Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) forms are REQUIRED from all project sponsors (state and local) for the Intersection Safety Improvements set-aside and OPTIONAL for the ITS and Bicycle/Pedestrian Network set-asides. (HSIP Form Instructions are available and should be reviewed first.)

The projects are then evaluated for merit. The results of the merit evaluations are provided to CDTC’s Planning Committee to program new projects. Alternative Fuel Program for non-CDTA fleets has different evaluation and scoring criteria than other set aside project types.

CDTA had provided the following reference material: Transit Considerations, and CDTA Route Performance.

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