Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Current TIP

2016-21 TIP Update: NYSDOT 2016-21 TIP Policy Guidance

Non-State Federal-Aid Bridge Set-Aside (RG126) Solicitation  |  Completed 2013-18 Set-Aside Solicitation

2013-18 TIP: Executive Summary |  TIP Document |  Summary Tables |  Obligations

2013-18 Project Listings: By Group |  By TIP Number |  By DOT PIN |  By Project Type |  By Location |  Clickable Maps

State TIP: Current STIP  |  Draft STIP Listings for Region One as of 7/1/13  |  Draft STIP Narrative as of 8/13/13

Project Amendments:
Guidelines  |  Help with Amendment Letter  |  List of Amended Projects

Archived 2013-18 TIP Update Materials: Previous Solicitation for New Projects

Previous TIPs: This is a list of previous versions of the TIP that have since become obsolete, but are available on this web site for information only and have been replaced by the above referenced TIP. They are also the final version, including any amendments made between updates. 2010-15 TIP |  2007-12 TIP |  2005-10 TIP |  2003-08 TIP |  2001-06 TIP |  1999-04 TIP

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