“Second Chance” Enhancement Program

CDTC’s commitment to bicycle, pedestrian, and canal projects went beyond the federal Enhancement Program. In May 1999, CDTC’s Planning Committee endorsed the 1999-2004 Transportation Improvement Program which included a “second chance” program setting aside $800,000 federal funds (equaling $1 million total project costs) for “high priority” TEP candidates not funded in Round 1 of the Enhancement Program.

In March 2000, CDTC solicited the responsible agencies for the highest ranked unsuccessful projects to inquire if they were interested in resubmitting their proposals for consideration in this program. The average total cost of the initial projects was over $1 million and in the interest of funding as many projects as possible the Second Chance Enhancement Program reflected a minimum of 50% local match and/or a cap of $200,000 in federal funds. The table below represents the three additional projects funded under this program.

Second Chance Enhancements
Projects Funded (1999)
Project TitleSponsorFederal $Local $Total Project Cost
Spring Run TrailCity of Saratoga Springs$ 358,000$ 358,000$ 716,000
MHBHT ProjectSchenectady (City)$ 304,500$ 304,500$ 609,000
Ruhle Road ProjectTown of Malta$ 84,800$ 21,200$ 106,000

The Second Chance Enhancement Program will be on the Planning Committee agenda as a discussion item for possible funding each time there is new round of the Transportation Enhancement Program.

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