Capital District November 1, 2004

Transportation Committee





DATE/TIME/PLACE: October 4, 2004, 3:30 PM; CDTC Offices


ATTENDANCE: Ralph Pascale (City of Cohoes); Bob Phillips (Saratoga County); Jack Reilly (CDTA); Dave Rettig (NYSDOT); Shelley Lang (CDTC); Sandy Misiewicz (CDTC); John Poorman (CDTC).




The working group began to review the six expanded fact sheets on specific projects selected at the previous meeting. Those fact sheets included:


       California State Route 91 Congestion Pricing

       Removal of the Park East Freeway Stub in Milwaukee

       Minnesota DOT Noise Abatement Program

       Ottawa Transitway

       Raleigh Durham Regional Transit Plan/Regional Rail Project

       Vancouver Greenways Program


The discussion focused on the content of the fact sheets which highlighted how and why these projects came to be. The group also discussed the relative applicability of these projects to the Capital District situation. With each project, there were found to be some similarities and some differences between the political and regional setting of these six areas and the Capital District. Due to the length of the discussion, the group did not get through all six fact sheets in sufficient detail.


NEXT STEPS: A second meeting was scheduled for November 4th to complete the review of the fact sheets and to discuss the next steps of the working group. The group also needs to consider how this information will be presented to the public: what are the applications, the need for champions and growth issues.