Capital District                                                                                                    March 22, 2004

Transportation Committee                                                                                                           





DATE/TIME/PLACE: March 18, 2004, 3:30 PM; CDTC Offices


ATTENDANCE: Ken MacIntosh (Senator Clinton’s office); Frank Gilmore (SRG Architects); Dave Rettig (NYSDOT); Jack Reilly (CDTA); Ralph Pascale (City of Cohoes); Sandy Misiewicz (CDTC); John Poorman (CDTC); Shelley Lang (CDTC).




·       A status report was given on the New Visions 2030 plan update, including the work of the Quality Region Task Force. 


·       A brief review was given of the role of the other four working groups established for the New Visions plan update including a description of their mission statements.


·       A review of the expanded mission statement for Working Group C was given and everyone agreed that it outlined an appropriate method to answering the costs and benefits of potential major investments in the Capital Region.


·       The floor was then opened up for comments on the 11 candidate concepts summarized as potential major investments for the Capital Region.


·       There was agreement that the research should try to understand the how and why behind the initiatives in the case studies – politics, etc.  This may require discussions or interviews with players in the communities.


·       Frank Gilmore stated that these big initiatives do not appear to be likely candidates for the Capital Region given the slow growth of this region.


·       Dave Rettig wanted to know who would be the audience for this work.  He was concerned that someone one grab on to one of the big ticket ideas and start discussing it as a true regional initiative.  John Poorman responded that how the information is presented will be an important aspect of the work of Group C so as to avoid confusion.    


·       Ralph Pascale was concerned about how we would find out the real way these initiatives came about or happened.  The group felt that this would be possible through a combination of the project’s literature and discussions with local officials directly involved with these projects.


·       Ken MacIntosh stated that it is important when reviewing major initiatives to ask the question, “What do we need?”


·       Jack Reilly indicated that it was key to find out what triggered these initiatives.


·       These initiatives also triggered a discussion about whether or not they occurred as a result of a crisis or if they occurred because they had a champion.  The general consensus amongst the group was that big things only happen with big champions.  This led to the question of who were the champions for these initiatives.  Is there a Capital Region champion?


·       There was discussion of the audience for the work, both in terms of an audience that would question the feasibility of entertaining major initiatives in the current fiscal climate and in terms of a concern for an audience that would jump to conclusions that CDTC is advocating these concepts.  There was agreement that how the material is presented is critical.


·       There was discussion of the interest of Congressional representatives for big ideas for which the Capital District needs help.


·       The final topic of discussion was identifying other major initiatives that need to be researched for the next meeting.  These initiatives included:  people mover/AGT, major riverfront reclamation, major freight initiative, major highway system expansion, toll road construction, the NYC Air Train project, and truck lane concept.




·       Sandy Misiewicz and Shelley Lang will research and create one-page fact sheets for the following type of major investment initiatives:

·       People Mover/AGT

·       Major Riverfront Reclamation (Baltimore/Chattanooga?)

·       Major Freight Initiative

·       Major Highway System Expansion (Milwaukee?)

·       Toll Road Construction (emphasizing private investment)

·       NYC Air Train Project

·       Investigate Truck Lane Concept


NEXT MEETING: Thursday, April 15, 2004 at 3:30 PM, at CDTC.