April 26, 2004



New Visions 2030

Working Group A


Meeting Notes

March 31, 2004




Todd Fabozzi, CDRPC

Rocky Ferraro, CDRPC

Kelsey Kohler, Center for Economic Growth

Jennifer Krausnick, Center for Economic Growth

David Lewis, SUNYA Urban and Regional Planning Program

Shelley Lang, CDTC

Sandra Misiewicz, CDTC

Don Odell

John Poorman, CDTC



Meeting Summary


After a welcome and introductions, John Poorman distributed a diagram representing the organization of the New Visions 2030 effort.  Members reviewed the broad mission statement for each of the five working groups and discussed the specific expanded charge to Working Group A.  Working Group A will seek to identify alternative growth and development scenarios and identify quantitatively and qualitatively the benefits, impacts and challenges of each one.


Jennifer Krausnick highlighted CEG’s current thoughts regarding an economic model, and Kelsey Kohler informed participants regarding the CEG effort with RPI to identify growth potential within five identified high tech clusters.  David Lewis shared thoughts on the pros and cons of economic modeling, and the challenges that a multi-centered region poses for standard models.


John also distributed a preliminary summary of transportation budgets of growing metro areas and indicated that more material will be made available.


Members agreed to meet on April 28 to continue discussion of the alternative growth futures.