Meeting Minutes

December 7, 2006





Mary Brizzell, Town of Colonie

Bill Bruce, representing Mayor Jerry Jennings, City of Albany

Terri Egan, Town of Bethlehem

Steve Feeney, representing Susan Savage, Schenectady County

Kent Gray, Schenectady County

Charles Houghtaling, Albany County

Terry Hurley, Albany Port District Commission

Valerie Keehn, City of Saratoga

Mayor John T. McDonald III, City of Cohoes, Chairman

Ray Melleady, Capital District Transportation Authority

Marybeth Pettit, representing Mayor Daniel Dwyer, City of

Robert Phillips, Saratoga County, Vice-Chairman

Thomas Richardson, representing Mayor Anthony Sylvester, City of

Phil Serafino, representing William Rinaldi, NYS Thruway Authority

Bernie Sisson, representing Mayor Brian Stratton, City of

Mike Stammel, Capital District Regional Planning Commission

Linda von der Heide, representing Kathleen Jimino, Rensselaer

Thomas Werner, representing Commissioner Tom Madison, NYSDOT




Paul Marsh, Interested Citizen

Bill Marsh, Interested Citizen

Chris O’Neill, CDTC Staff

John Poorman, CDTC staff

Jason Purvis, CDTC staff

David Rettig, NYS Department of Transportation Region 1

Cliff Thomas, NYS Department of Transportation Main Office

Cathy Woodruff, Times Union




Chairman McDonald opened the Capital District Transportation Committee meeting at approximately 3:05 p.m. and welcomed those in attendance to the CDTC offices. Members and attendees then introduced themselves.




September 7, 2006 Meeting Minutes


The minutes of the September 7, 2006 CDTC meeting were approved as written.


Appointment of the 2007 Nominating Subcommittee


Chairman McDonald noted that it is CDTC’s practice for the Chairman to appoint a Nominating Subcommittee annually to nominate officers, at-large members and at-large Planning Committee members.  He then appointed Tom Werner, Ken DeCerce, Kent Gray, Ray Melleady and Mary Brizzell to the subcommittee.


Administrative & Financial Standing Subcommittee Report


John Poorman reported that the Subcommittee has a meeting scheduled for December 19 to accept the 2005-06 audit report and address 2007 staffing and salaries.  At the September 25 meeting, the subcommittee did approve Mr. Poorman’s request to reduce his work hours to approximately 30% time, consistent with NYS Retirement Law Section 212, after taking retirement as of the beginning of 2006.





Chairman McDonald extended an invitation for visitors to address the board regarding agenda items.  Bill Marsh spoke on behalf of his brother Paul and submitted written testimony.  Their presentation related to concerns with interest in heavy rail commuter service.  They suggest consideration of dual-mode (rail/highway) vehicles that would avoid the cost and right of way restrictions of rail cars.  Additionally, they expressed concern for the conversion of rail right-of-way to other purposes such as bikeways.







Update Status Report


Mr. Poorman reported that the TIP development is well underway.  An “order of magnitude” review of cost and schedule issues with current projects has led the Planning Committee to conclude that there will not be a full solicitation of projects this time.  Rather, it is expected that bridge and safety projects may be fundable, as well as CMAQ.  It is expected that a draft 2007-12 TIP will be available for public release at the March 2007 Policy Board meeting.


CMAQ Programming Discussion


Mr. Poorman reported that the Planning Committee has chosen to explore alternative project “bundles” by category for the use of up to $24 M in additional Congestion Mitigation / Air Quality (CMAQ) funds.  At its meeting in November, the Planning Committee agreed to recommend a bundle of new commitments for release by the Policy Board for public review.  The bundle would add $8 M each to operations projects (Transportation Management Center and HELP patrol TIP items) and CDTA transit vehicle replacement projects; $1 M to create a bike/pedestrian project set-aside; $5 M for a new set-aside for roundabouts and other intersection improvements; and $2 M for a new set-aside for diesel retrofits for off-road and other fleet vehicles.  The diesel retrofit project is specifically intended to respond to Congressional intent.  At present, the CDTA vehicle replacement funding would be intended to encourage diesel-electric hybrid implementation.


Members agreed to release the draft CMAQ programming bundle for public review.





Capital District Transportation Authority


Ray Melleady reported on progress with the NY 5 Bus Rapid Transit design and on CDTA’s hosting of the High Speed Rail task force.


Capital District Regional Planning Commission


Mike Stammel reported that CDRPC staff members are active in a number of joint efforts with CDTC and submitted a written summary.


New York State Thruway Authority


Phil Serafino reported that the current construction season is winding down and the Authority is gearing up for the winter road maintenance demands.


New York State Department of Transportation


Tom Werner reported with the CSX bridge completion, the I-90 project will be finished soon.  He also noted that the Exit 12 / NY 67 work is nearly finished also, a year early.  He reported on I-787 resurfacing, the I-87 Exit 5 bridge project and the windup of Crosstown Arterial work for the winter.  Landscaping will continue in the spring.  The Slingerlands Bypass project should break ground soon and the Round Lake Bypass letting is set for 2007.


Albany Port District Commission


Terry Hurley reported that volume has been up in 2007 and that the port has been active.


CDTC Staff


Mr. Poorman briefly mentioned that the freight conference was successfully held in October; that the Big Idea / Big Ticket initiative work has expanded with joint work with CEG, SUNYA and CDRPC; and that the 2007-08 Linkage projects have been selected by the Planning Committee for incorporation into the UPWP.  The Linkage projects will be part of the UPWP revision on the March Policy Board agenda.


Local Planning and Implementation


Brief discussion took place regarding the need for more education on roundabouts.




The next meeting was tentatively scheduled for 3:00 pm, Thursday March 1, 2007 at the CDTC offices.  [Secretary’s note:  the meeting was later postponed to March 8, 2007.]  There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:45 pm.



Respectfully submitted,





John P. Poorman

Acting Secretary