Meeting Minutes

September 2, 2010





Carm Basile, Capital District Transportation Authority

Steve Feeney, representing Susan Savage, Schenectady County

Rocky Ferraro, representing Michael Stammel, Capital District
  Regional Planning Commission

Michael Franchini, representing Michael Breslin, Albany County

Mayor James Gaughan, Village of Altamont

Terry Hurley, Albany Port District Commission

Steve Iachetta, representing John O, Donnell, Albany County

  Airport Authority

Mary Ivey, NYS Department of Transportation Region 1, Secretary

Andrew Kreshik, representing Mayor Harry Tutunjian, City of Troy

Joseph LaCivita, representing Paula Mahan, Town of Colonie

Mayor John T. McDonald III, City of Cohoes, Chairman

Rosemary Nichols, representing Mayor Michael Manning, City of

Phil Serafino, representing William Rinaldi, NYS Thruway

Ann Shaughnessy, representing Martin Reid, Rensselaer County

Linda von der Heide, representing Kathleen Jimino, Rensselaer


Tom Werner, Saratoga County




Anne Benware, Capital District Transportation Committee

Frank Bonafide, NYS Department of Transportation Region 1

Virginia Hammer, Interested Citizen – Madison Ave., Albany

Marlene Kennedy, Freelance for Gazette Newspapers

Kelly Mateja, Colonie Senior Services Center

Sandra Misiewicz, Capital District Transportation Committee

Sree Nampoothiri, Capital District Transportation Committee

Ed Neary, Colonie Senior Services Center

Christopher O’Neill, Capital District Transportation Committee

John Poorman, Capital District Transportation Committee

Jason Purvis, Capital District Transportation Committee

Deb Stacey, Capital District Transportation Committee




Chairman McDonald opened the Capital District Transportation Committee meeting at 3:05 pm and welcomed those in attendance.  Members and attendees introduced themselves.




Chairman McDonald noted that this award is given in honor of Fred Field who served as CDTC’s Chairman for seven years. The award was established in 2003. CDTC annually presents a Fred Field Award to individuals or organizations that represent Fred Field’s principles of fairness, responsibility, collaboration and innovation.  A number of strong nominations were received; the A & F Committee nominated the Colonie Senior Service Center (CSSC) because they had an impressive and extensive history of innovation and collaboration in carrying our their mission of serving the Senior Population of Colonie.  Carmino Basile nominated the CSSC; Chairman McDonald presented the 2010 award to Ed Neary, the Executive Director of CSSC.




















June 3, 2010 Meeting Minutes


Members approved the June 3, 2010 meeting minutes as written.


Administrative & Financial Standing Subcommittee Report


The Administrative & Financial Standing Subcommittee met in August to review and select candidates for the 2010 Fred Field Award.  The A & F is scheduled to meet again in December.




Chairman McDonald indicated that CDTC provides an opportunity for visitors to address items on the agenda. Virginia Hammer, from the Pine Hills Neighborhood Association registered to address the board.  Ms. Hammer voiced concern that the Madison Avenue project proposed by the City of Albany for the 2010-15 TIP, as written, would not be beneficial to the bicycling and pedestrian environment.  Ms. Hammer advocated that the project should include a “road diet” treatment, which would provide three travel lanes and a turning lane, rather than 4 travel lanes.  Ms. Hammer indicated that the road diet concept for Madison Avenue would have many neighborhood livability benefits, particularly for pedestrians and bicyclists.  A fair amount of stakeholder support is documented for this project; the College of St. Rose and the Pine Hills Neighborhood Association (representing 10,000+ residents) are two of several.  Ms. Hammer stated that the opportunity to road diet Madison Avenue should not be lost and requested consideration if additional ARRA funds become available. 





Rocky Ferraro distributed a Fact Sheet and Abstract of the Capital District Sustainable Communities Regional Plan Proposal that was submitted to HUD on August 23rd.  The grant application requested $3.5M in HUD funding (with $1.2M in match) to conduct a Regional Sustainable Plan Initiative that would enhance transportation choices, promote affordable housing, enhance economic competitiveness, support existing communities and enhance coordination/collaboration/leveraging.  Plan initiatives would include updating the New Visions 2030 Transportation Plan; creation of a green infrastructure plan, sustainable housing plan and sustainable economy plan and performing a community food assessment.  CDRPC partnered with eleven organizations, all have committed to provide match.  If approved, CDTC will devote staff time to the effort.  Members approved the Resolution to support the initiative if it is accepted for HUD funding.





Jason Purvis provided an update on the outreach efforts related to the Capital Coexist program.  The Capital Coexist website went “live” on April 1st 2010 and received 10,000 hits the first week.  CDTA buses carried advertising on the sides of the buses for six weeks.  Capital Coexist participated in helmet give away programs in Glenville and Clifton Park which were very well attended.  1100 helmets were fitted at those events.  There will be a 35mm Film Trailer developed in the winter with the anticipation of it running in local theaters in the spring. Facebook and Twitter accounts have been established for Capital Coexist.





R299 & R300 Typos were discovered for these two TIP Listings.  Members approved the amendments.





Report on Round 2


John Poorman reviewed the status of the Round Two TIP Programming status.  Basically, at its July 7th meeting, the Planning Committee recommended tabling further selections of Round 2 Projects for six months.  In six months, the federal reauthorization will be reassessed and recommendations will be made on how to best complete the TIP update process.  Members asked a few questions about the TIP projects.  Mayor Gaughan repeated his sentiment that small communities are screened out of the Project Selection Process.  John Poorman reminded the Mayor and others that Round 2 programming (which is not yet complete) is structured to address that type of issue.  Members approved this approach.







CDTA recently completed a review and evaluation of the CDTA routes in Schenectady County.  Major changes were recommended for some routes; extensive public outreach confirmed the need to restructure many of the routes.  BRT stations are beginning to be constructed along NY 5.  The BRT rollout is expected to occur on April 1, 2011.  CDTA’s 40th anniversary is September 16th—CDTA will rollback the fare to 40 cents for that day.




Bob Hansen has officially retired.  Frank Bonafide and Rob Cherry will take over Bob’s duties temporarily.  Work on the Batchellerville Bridge has commenced.  The Single Point Urban Interchange at Exit 6 of the Northway will open on September 13th.  The work on the Route 9P bridge over Saratoga lake will be complete around Memorial Day 2011.


Albany Airport Authority


The Airport is working on constructing new access to Northway Exit 5 from the Economy Lot. The project should be complete before the new year.


Albany Port Authority


Maritime volume is about the same as last year.  The Port is gearing up for a marked increase in volume in 2011 do to increased grain production.  The Dock and Wharf improvements will be complete by Spring 2011.




A total of eleven Linkage studies are being worked on by staff—either wrapping up or starting.  CDTC has been involved in scoping a joint I-87/US 9 study with NYSDOT.  PB Americas, Inc. was chosen as the consultant team for the project.  Once the contract paperwork is in order, the study will begin.


City of Watervliet


The city used New Freedom funds to establish shuttle service for mobility impaired seniors and individuals, which connects the city and Green Island residents to major attractions in the city.  The shuttle began service in mid-July; ridership is steadily increasing.








There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 4:20 pm.  The next meeting is scheduled for 3:00 pm, Thursday December 2, 2010.


Respectfully submitted,





Mary E. Ivey