Meeting Minutes

June 1, 2006





Steve Bland, Capital District Transportation Authority

Mary Brizzell, Town of Colonie

Ken DeCerce, representing Mary Ann Johnson, Saratoga County

Michael Franchini, representing Michael Breslin, Albany County

Kent Gray, Schenectady County

Charles Houghtaling, Albany County Legislature

Steve Iachetta, representing John O’Donnell, Albany County Airport


Mayor Valerie Keehn, City of Saratoga Springs

Mayor John McDonald, City of Cohoes, Chairman

Robert Phillips, Saratoga County, Vice-Chairman

Dave Rettig, representing Commissioner Tom Madison, NYSDOT

Joe Rich, representing Robert Arnold, Federal Highway


Jill Ross, representing Don Bell, New York State Thruway Authority

Beth Secor, Town of Schodack

Bernie Sisson, representing Mayor Brian Stratton, City of


Mike Stammel, Capital District Regional Planning Commission





Ray Melleady, Capital District Transportation Authority

John Poorman, CDTC staff

Jason Purvis, CDTC staff

Phil Serafino, New York State Thruway Authority

Geoff Wood, New York State Department of Transportation

Kristina Younger, Capital District Transportation Authority






Chairman McDonald opened the Capital District Transportation Committee meeting at approximately 3:05 p.m. and welcomed those in attendance to the CDTC offices. Members and attendees then introduced themselves.









February 16, 2006 Meeting Minutes



The minutes of the February 16, 2006 CDTC meeting were approved as written.


Administrative & Financial Standing Subcommittee Report


John Poorman reported that the Subcommittee met on May 23 to discuss candidates for the Fred Field award and to approve the Staff Director’s out-of-state travel.  He noted that an additional request has been made by the Federal Highway Administration for him to participate in a peer exchange in Michigan regarding programming practices.  He asked for approval for this travel, should CDTC be required to cover his travel expenses.  Members concurred with this request.


Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) Amendment


No submissions were received by CDTC in response to its request for expressions of interest to participate in Task 4.19, “Trail and Property Owners Survey.”  Instead, CDRPC will engage SUNY Albany students to do the work.  The UPWP amendment will transfer $34,000 from CDTC’s consultant budget to CDRPC’s work budget to allow this activity.  Members approved the amendment.





Chairman McDonald extended an invitation for visitors to address the board regarding agenda items.  There were no requests to speak.





Mr. Poorman reported that there were a number of worthy nominees this year.  The awards committee selected the New York State Department of Transportation, Region 1, for its successful effort to help implement the Village of Menands’ master plan in conjunction with the NY 32 Menands Bridge project completed in late 2004.  Chairman McDonald presented the award to Geoff Wood, who graciously accepted the award on behalf of project manager Mike Wyatt and all the NYSDOT participants who worked hard to make the project a success.









T66, Welfare to Work


Mr. Poorman reported that this (Jobs Access / Reverse Commute) federal program is now a formula program, rather than a discretionary program.  In addition, there is a specific allocation to the Saratoga Springs urbanized area.  Annual funding levels are reduced and the amounts are known for the remainder of SAFETEA-LU


T79, New Freedoms Transit Service


This amendment is also necessitated by passage of SAFETEA-LU.  New Freedoms is a small program to support additional efforts to provide accessibility to the disabled population.  The planning process for this is led by CDTC in collaboration with CDTA.  There is a separate formula amount for the Saratoga Springs Urbanized Area. Members approved the amendment.


Fleet Replacements and Simplified Federal Grant Application


Steve Bland reported that CDTA’s recently-adopted fleet replacement schedule calls for smoothing out the traditional peaks and valleys of its fleet replacement.  The new schedule will call for some bus rehabs and some early bus replacements, requiring an amendment to TIP project T17, Transit Bus Replacement.


Additionally, CDTA desires to streamline its capital program by reducing the number of projects for which federal funds are required.  Smaller facility, technology and other projects will be financed with CDTA funds.  As a result, TIP changes are required to projects T6B (STAR Bus Replacement), T9 (Facility Improvements), T11 (Passenger Facility Improvements), T16 (Transit Support Vehicles), T36 (Contingencies, Administration and Planning), T57 (Preventative Maintenance), T59 (Replacement Shuttle Vehicles), T62 (Information Systems), T64 (Customer Information Systems), T72 (Safety and Security) and T76 (Saratoga Replacement Buses). The need for action now is to allow CDTA to submit its FTA grant application.


Mr. Poorman noted that elimination of federal funding for many of these projects also effectively removes CDTC’s programming authority as well.  Mr. Bland indicated that CDTA desires CDTC involvement and oversight even without the need for TIP inclusion of many of these smaller projects.


Members approved the requested amendments.


SA225 and SA226, Commercial Highway Improvements


Mr. Poorman reported that the proposed amendment would take $2.150 M from funds earmarked for commercial access improvements in the vicinity of Luther Forest and assign it to construct two roundabouts:  at Fox Wander West and Dunning Street, and at Hermes Road and Dunning Street, both in Malta.  Members approved the requested amendment.  A balance of $3.650 M of the earmarked funds remains in SA225 for additional projects.


A242, Slingerlands Bypass


Dave Rettig reported that the estimated cost for the project has increased due to recent construction trends.  Additionally, the estimates for right-of-way and design costs have increased.  The project is scheduled for letting in August.  Members approved the requested amendment.


A433, CR53 Bridge over CSX Selkirk Yard


Mike Franchini explained that the cost of design services has increased over the modest amount originally programmed.  Members approved the requested amendment.


T17, Transit Bus Replacement


A final TIP action requested was a revision to the scope of T17 to read “Purchase transit buses in a manner to maintain existing service levels”.  The revision of the description will allay FTA’s concerns.  Members concurred with the new language.





Mr. Poorman distributed an outline of the current status of the regional transportation plan update.  Work on financial requirements continues; collaborative work between CEG, CDTC, CDPRC and SUNYA is underway regarding alternative growth and development scenarios; and work to package New Visions material for public review continues.  He noted that CDTC should be in a good position to complete its work quickly if necessary, but that an extended discussion period would be useful both for community buy-in and for full compliance with SAFETEA-LU.  Federal deadlines are uncertain at present.





Capital District Transportation Authority


Steve Bland reported on the status of CDTA activities including the Transit Development Plan work and fleet replacement.  He introduced Ray Malleady to members; Ray has been designated as CDTA’s interim director to succeed Steve who is moving on to the Port Authority of Allegheny County – Pittsburgh’s transit agency.  Chairman McDonald and Mr. Poorman expressed CDTC’s appreciation for Steve’s commitment and support for CDTC during his tenure.


Capital District Regional Planning Commission


Mike Stammel reported on CDRPC’s multi-jurisdictional Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) planning study and the fiscal analysis of alternative growth scenarios.


New York State Thruway Authority


Jill Ross reported on the Authority’s organizational changes which will move her to headquarters.  She introduced Phil Serafino who will be assuming her position on the Planning Committee and as an alternate on the Policy Board.


New York State Department of Transportation


Dave Rettig reported on the progress of existing projects such as I-90 and the Route 7 Crosstown Arterial reconstruction.  He also noted that the Slingerlands Bypass and the I-87 Exit 5 bridge are among projects scheduled for letting this summer.


Albany County Airport Authority


Steve Iachetta reported on the status of a number of the Airport’s terminal, safety and security projects.  He also expressed the Airport’s continued support for the I-87 Exit 3 project.





The next meeting was tentatively scheduled for 3:00 pm, Thursday September 7, 2006 at the CDTC offices.  There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 4:20 pm.



Respectfully submitted,





Thomas C. Werner