Meeting Minutes

March 1, 2012




Carm Basile, Capital District Transportation Authority

James Gaughan, Mayor of Altamont

Steve Feeney, representing Judith Dagostino, Schenectady County

Terry Hurley, Albany Port District Commission

Steve Iachetta, representing John O’Donnell, Albany County
  Airport Authority

Mary Ivey, NYS Department of Transportation Region 1, Secretary

Andrew Kreshik, representing Mayor Lou Rosamilia, City of Troy

Joe LaCivita, representing Paula Mahan, Town of Colonie

Joe Landry, Town of Niskayuna

Mayor John T. McDonald III, City of Cohoes, Chairman

Rosemary Nichols, representing Mayor Michael Manning, City of

Ann Shaughnessy, representing Martin Reid, Rensselaer County

Mike Stammel, Capital District Regional Planning Commission

Steve Strichman, representing Mayor Gary McCarthy, City of

Linda von der Heide, representing Kathleen Jimino, Rensselaer





Anne Benware, Capital District Transportation Committee

Frank Bonafide, NYS Department of Transportation Region 1

Chris Franklin, Capital District Transportation Committee

David Jukins, Capital District Transportation Committee

Sandy Misiewicz, Capital District Transportation Committee

Sree Nampoothiri, Capital District Transportation Committee

Chris O’Neill, Capital District Transportation Committee

John Poorman, Capital District Transportation Committee




Chairman McDonald opened the Capital District Transportation Committee meeting at 3:12 PM and welcomed those in attendance.  Members and attendees introduced themselves.




Chairman McDonald indicated that CDTC provides an opportunity for visitors to address items on the agenda.  There were no comments from the floor.




Administrative & Financial Standing Subcommittee Report


John Poorman reported on the last two A&F Standing Subcommittee meetings of February 9th and January 18th. The Subcommittee reviewed salaries, new staff and staff operations.  CDTC is seeking to fill one or two of the following positions: Transportation Planner and Transportation Modeler. John Poorman has plans for full retirement in mid-May after serving for five years as part time Staff Director. Mayor McDonald explained that the A&F Standing Subcommittee has responsibility for managing the process for selecting an executive director for CDTC.  This is the first time in over thirty years that a new director has been selected.  The position is being advertised. 


Appointment of the 2012 A & F


It is CDTC’s practice for the Chairman to appoint members to the Administrative and Financial Standing Subcommittee on an annual basis.  The A & F Standing Subcommittee met on February 9th and Mayor McDonald appointed the following to serve on the A & F Standing Subcommittee:


     Carm Basile, CDTA

     Mary Ivey, NYSDOT Region 1

     Joe Landry, Schenectady County

     Tom Richardson, Mechanicville

     Tom Werner, Saratoga County


Proposed New York Works Program


John Poorman presented a summary of the proposed New York Works Program.  The proposed program would use advanced construction to use federal funds to invest in pavement resurfacing, bridge projects and other projects in the coming year.  Advanced construction is an option to borrow money under the guarantee of future federal transportation funding.  The option is widely used nationally, and New York State has been conservative in using this option.  Mary Ivey explained that the proposed program is now part of the budget negotiation, and a list of projects has not been defined.  More information will be provided as soon as possible when it is available.


Report on the Development of a New Transportation Bill   


John Poorman referred to the memo in the mail-out which explained the key features in the US Senate and the House of Representatives bills.  Common features include support for the planning process.  The House would set a higher population threshold for MPOs but would grandfather existing MPOs.  The Senate proposal creates a two-tier classification for MPOs.  Tier I would be for MPOs with more than one million population.  CDTC would be an early candidate to be qualified as a Tier I MPO.


Approval of the December 1, 2011 Meeting Minutes


The December 1, 2011 meeting minutes were approved by the members.


Nominating Committee Report


The nominating committee met February 9th.  The nominating subcommittee nominated Mayor John McDonald of Cohoes to continue as Chairman of the Policy Board.  Carm Basile was nominated to continue as Vice-chairman and Mary Ivey was nominated to continue as CDTC’s Secretary.  Members approved the nominations for the respective positions as proposed.


The Nominating subcommittee also nominated town and village at-large members for representation on the Policy Board.


Dennis Dowds (Supervisor of the Town of Schodack) and Jim Gaughan (Mayor of the Village of Altamont) were proposed as members.  Phil Barrett (Supervisor of the Town of Clifton Park) and Harry Buffardi (Supervisor of the Town of Rotterdam) were proposed as alternates.  Individuals nominated as CDTC members will serve until March 2013.  As in past practice, alternates are likely to be appointed as members for the 2013-14 fiscal year.  Members approved the nominations for the respective positions as proposed.


The Nominating subcommittee nominated town and village at-large members to serve on the Planning Committee.  Proposed nominations were:


     Member:        Barbara McHugh, Clifton Park


     Alternate:     Kevin Corcoran, Glenville

                    Kathy Matern, Niskayuna

                    Steve Watts, Halfmoon

                    Mike Morelli, Bethlehem

                    Tony Tozzi, Malta

                    Peter Comenzo, Rotterdam

                    Paul Reuss, Menands

                    Nadine Fuda, Schodack


Members approved the nominations for the respective positions as proposed.


Host Agency Agreement Resolution


John Poorman explained that CDTA has graciously served as legal host for CDTC since 1982.  The host agency agreement between NYSDOT and CDTA needs to be renewed.  NYSDOT is replacing all agreements statewide with up to date language.  The CDTC Policy Board is required to give authority by resolution to NYSDOT and CDTA to execute agreements.  Members approved the resolution acknowledging and supporting the execution of a new MPO Host Agency Agreement between CDTA and NYSDOT.




Dave Jukins presented an overview of the draft 2012-14 UPWP. The UPWP describes CDTC planning efforts over the two year period.  It is funded with federal funds, matching funds, and funding from the City of Albany, Albany County, the Town of Colonie, and NYSERDA.  The accomplishments described in the UPWP have been substantial, including the New Visions 2035 update; TDM and environmental planning; assisting CDTA with Route 5 BRT planning, CDTA’s Washington/Western Bus Rapid

Transit Concept Design Study, CDTA’s Park and Ride Study; safety management planning, and infrastructure planning.


The new UPWP will reactivate the Regional Operations Committee, treating it in a way similar to the Linkage Forum.  The Northway corridor Integrated Corridor Management Study will be completed.  The Alternatives Analysis for the Washington Western BRT will be completed, including the development of a transit mode choice model.  Further development of CDTC freight planning efforts will be undertaken.  It is anticipated that a new emphasis on performance based planning will be required by the new federal transportation bill.


Public comments received include a comment from East Greenbush Police Chief Chris Lavin requesting more emphasis on traffic signals and intersection management.  Staff responded to comments.


Members approved the resolution approving the 2010-12 UPWP.




US4/Mannix Road Roundabout


John Poorman explained that the Planning Committee grappled with this amendment for a long time.  To the Region’s credit, this project was initiated by East Greenbush, and Region 1 supported the project approval.  The project resulted from a CDTC Linkage Study analysis and recommendation.  The project was funded with CMAQ funds; the NYSDOT Main Office subsequently lowered the amount of CMAQ funds available to CDTC.  Costs increased for the project.  The municipality added more local funds to the project.  The Planning Committee recommended reprogramming safety funds from the signal set aside project, recognizing that the Mannix Road roundabout is expected to have significant safety benefits.  Any further cost increases will be covered by the Town of East Greenbush.


Members approved the amendment.






Carm Basile reported that ridership is up for the whole CDTA system, and ridership for all service on Route 5 is up 20 to 25 percent.  CDTA is dealing with a budget gap.  CDTA is moving forward on the Washington Western BRT Alternatives Analysis.   




Mike Stammel reported that CDRPC has been working to complete the population projections for the cities, towns, and villages in the four counties to the Year 2050. A preliminary set of projections has been prepared and we are now preparing the age cohort projections before we finalize the numbers for public distribution.  CDRPC is in the process of updating the individual community fact sheets incorporating the data from the 2010 census and the 2006-10 data sets from the American Community Survey.


GIS activities include processing, analyzing and mapping regional crash data for CDTC to identify areas of concern. Also staff is participating as a member of the NYS GIS Coordinating Body on issues related to the future of the State's Orthophoto program.


Consultant interviews have taken place regarding the Cleaner Greener initiative and the City of Albany expects to make a decision very shortly about the contract. It will be an 8 month effort that will be quite an extensive undertaking once the scope of work and contracts have been finalized and signed. Although CDRPC has had meetings with the utilities to discuss their data management systems with respect to energy consumption, CDRPC still has no final contract with NYSERDA on the Climate Smart Communities Grant Program.




Frank Bonafide reported that the Region’s capital program update is nearly complete.  The Washington Avenue/Fuller Road project was recently let with a $3 M savings.  The project should be completed in 2012.  Preservation projects are underway for I-787, I-87, and I-890.


Albany Airport Authority


Steve Iachetta reported that a new four-year Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authorization bill was approved.  The legislation decreases federal share from 95% to 90%, meaning that state and local shares will have to increase.  The Albany County Airport Authority has authorized over $15 million in construction projects and improvements at Albany International Airport during 2012. The largest project is a $4.2 M hangar rehabilitation project.    


Albany Port Authority


Terry Hurley reported that maritime activity is picking up.




Dave Jukins reported that there will be a Northway Route 9 Integrated Corridor Management Study public meeting next Tuesday (March 6).  Certification review is due at the end of the month.  Staff will get a letter out to members asking for comments.  Bicycle and pedestrian enforcement training is scheduled for April, and so far there has been a great response from the law enforcement community.  


City of Troy


Andrew Kreshik asked if anyone had experience dealing with tribal nations issues in transportation projects.

City of Cohoes


Mayor McDonald reported that progress on the Black Bridge in Cohoes is moving forward. 


Mayor McDonald expressed appreciation for John Poorman’s many years of service to CDTC.  Other members also expressed appreciation to John.




There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 4:20 pm.  The next meeting is scheduled for 3:00 pm, Thursday June 7, 2012.


Respectfully submitted,





Mary E. Ivey