Capital District

Transportation Committee                       August 31, 2005



Administrative & Financial Standing Subcommittee


Meeting Minutes

March 15, 2005




Steve Bland, Capital District Transportation Authority

Charles Houghtaling, Albany County

Mayor John McDonald, City of Cohoes (Chairman)

Bob Phillips, Saratoga County (Vice-Chairman)

John Poorman, Capital District Transportation Committee

Tom Werner, NYSDOT Region 1




Minutes of the December 10, 2004 Meeting


Chairman McDonald called the meeting to order at approximately 3:35 p.m.  Members approved the minutes of the December 10, 2004 meeting as written.


Supplemental Agreements


John Poorman reported that NYSDOT has indicated the need for a new continuing contract between NYSDOT and CDTA on behalf of CDTC.  Such continuing contracts cannot have an indefinite end date.  A simple extension is being processed, extending the agreement through 2011.




Revisions to the 2004-05 Line Item Budget


Mr. Poorman highlighted the previously-distributed list of proposed line item budget revisions.  There are three changes:  (1) the addition of a $1,200 item for employment expenses such as INS processing; (2) the addition of a $45,000 annual payment to CDTA rolled over from 2003-04; and (3) a $3,000 addition to the telephone line item to cover the cost of telephone and cable installation in the new offices in May of 2004.  Members approved the requested revisions.


Draft 2005-06 Line Item Budget


Members reviewed the previously-distributed proposed 2005-06 line item budget.  The overall budget is supported by grants and contracts shown in the 2005-06 Unified Planning Work Program.  It is the A & F Standing Subcommittee’s responsibility to oversee the line item budget that corresponds to the overall work effort.  The 2005-06 line item budget shows a modest reduction from the revised 2004-05 budget, mostly from reverting to a single year’s worth of CDTA payments.  The line item budget includes significant contractual work, including an estimated $355,000 of statewide MPO contracts supported by pooled funding from the 13 MPOs.  A large portion of the budget relates to contractual Linkage studies.  Mr. Poorman noted that the TEA-21 Reauthorization will need to increase CDTC’s planning funding in order for CDTC to be able to continue the Linkage program at that scale.


Retirement expenses are expected to be lower, based on CDTA’s information.  Modest increases are shown for salaries, rent and health insurance.  After discussion, members approved the draft 2005-06 line item budget.


Status of Cash Flow


Mr. Poorman reported that the cash flow level in CDTC’s bank account is +$31,773.  CDTA has $415,000 in payroll expenses that it has not yet debited from CDTC’s account, leaving a net cash flow requirement of approximately $383,900.  Billings and payment timing will continue to be monitored for timeliness.


Staff Director’s Travel


Mr. Poorman noted that approval is required for his out-of-state travel to be paid for by CDTC.  Members approved the upcoming trip to the Association of MPOs conference in Denver in October; Mr. Poorman will be presenting the results of the upcoming Rensselaerville Colloquy at the AMPO conference.  Members also approved attendance at a by-invitation-only conference on transportation and climate change in California in August.  [Secretary’s note:  Mr. Poorman later declined the California invitation.]





Fred Field Award


Members reviewed the previously-distributed summary of award options for 2005.  Having selected an individual (Dennis Fitzgerald) in the previous cycle, they agreed to select a group, organization or project in this cycle.  After discussion, the selection of CDTA for the Saratoga Springs Train Station project.  Steve Bland did not participate in the vote.  He then noted that Kristina Younger was primarily instrumental in the success of the project and that he would ask her to attend the Policy Board meeting to accept the award on behalf of CDTA.


Health Insurance Update


Mr. Poorman reported that the adoption of the new health insurance practices during December did not provide sufficient lead time (particularly for CDTA) to get the new practices in place for 2005.  Implementation is now slated to begin in 2006.  Work will begin this summer on the administrative mechanisms that need to be in place for employee contributions, cash out options, pre-tax deductions, dental and vision benefits and the like.  Mr. Poorman cited concerns raised by some staff over the lack of any “grandfathering” of any of the long-time employees in the introduction of employee contributions to health insurance premiums.  Members reaffirmed their judgment to not provide for any grandfathering.


Policy Board agenda


Mr. Poorman highlighted the agenda of the coming Policy Board meeting, namely action on the 2005-06 UPWP and release of the draft 2005-10 TIP for public review. 



There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 4:20 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,





John P. Poorman

Staff Director