Meeting Minutes

November 7, 2012




Brad Birge, City of Saratoga Springs

Frank Bonafide, NYS Department of Transportation R1

Wayne Bonesteel, Rensselaer County

Rob Cherry, NYS Department of Transportation R1

Peter Comenzo, Town of Rotterdam

Sarah Crowell, City of Rensselaer

Darrell Duncan, Albany County

Ross Farrell, Capital District Transportation Authority

Steve Feeney, Schenectady County

Rocky Ferraro, Capital District Regional Planning Commission

Michael Franchini, Capital District Transportation Committee

Nadine Fuda, Town of Schodack

Bruce Hidley, representing Rosemary Nichols, City of Watervliet

Steve Iachetta, Albany County Airport Authority

Barb McHugh, Town of Clifton Park

Randy Milano, City of Albany

Russ Reeves, City of Troy

Tom Richardson, City of Mechanicville

Steve Strichman, City of Schenectady

Ed Tremblay, representing Melissa Ashline-Heil, City of Cohoes

Mike Valentine, Saratoga County

Tony Vasil, Albany Port District Commission

Steve Watts, Town of Halfmoon




Bill Anslow, Albany County

Anne Benware, Capital District Transportation Committee

Jennifer Ceponis, Capital District Transportation Committee

Erik DeVoe, Town of Bethlehem

Lee Ecker, CHA

Bob Hansen, Creighton Manning

Karen Houlihan, NYSDOT Region 1

David Jukins, Capital District Transportation Committee

Sandy Misiewicz, Capital District Transportation Committee

Leah Mosall, Capital District Transportation Committee

Larry Mulvaney, NYS Department of Transportation R1

Sreekumar Nampoothiri, Capital District Transportation Committee

Mike O’Brien, City of Albany

Chris O’Neill, Capital District Transportation Committee

Michael Panichelli, MJ Engineering

Glenn Posca, Capital District Transportation Committee

Ozzie Priotti, City of Rensselaer

Jason Purvis, Capital District Transportation Committee

Bill Redmond, Interested Citizen

Jim Rivers, Greenman Pedersen Inc.

Joe Teleska, Rensselaer County

Barb Tozzi, City of Troy

Ed Wolk, Capital District Transportation Authority




Steve Iachetta opened the meeting at approximately 9:33 AM.  Mike O’Brien spoke in support of the Albany Shaker Road project on the TIP, sponsored by the City of Albany.  He said that this is a worthy project that deserves funding.  He said that in recognition of funding constraints, if downscaling of the project is necessary, that could be acceptable, as long as the sidewalks were retained as part of the project.  He said that this section of Albany Road is in great need of sidewalks.  Adding sidewalks would create continuity with the section of Albany Shaker Road in Colonie that was previously improved, and would provide better access for transit riders.  Steve Iachetta commented that this section of Albany Shaker Road connects the Town of Colonie, the twelfth largest town in the State, with downtown Albany.


Steve Iachetta announced that the 22nd Annual Transportation and

Planning Symposium was being held that day and had many valuable sessions, including a session on the Northway Corridor Study. 




Previous Meeting Minutes


Frank Bonafide noted several corrections to the minutes.  On page one, under Planning Targets (on CDTC Website), the third sentence should be amended to read “Fiscal years 2013 and 2014 show a total of $159M each region-wide”; and the fourth sentence should be deleted.  On the page two, second paragraph, the fourth sentence should be amended to read: “The list of DOT developed preservation candidates just represents locations that meet certain criteria given available limited data.”  On the third page, the third paragraph should be amended to read “Frank Bonafide said that Preservation First projects on the core program are decided at the CDTC table”.  On the third page, sixth paragraph, the second sentence should be amended to read “Frank Bonafide responded that the data indicates all segments are either too good or too bad for preservation type work”.  On the fourth page, second paragraph, the second sentence should be amended to read “Frank Bonafide responded that if CMAQ funding is eliminated some initiatives will have to compete for STP funding”.


With these amendments, members approved the October 28th minutes.   






S187 (1757.97), Mohawk/Hudson Bike Trail Crossing at NY 5S


Steve Feeney explained that this TIP amendment was needed to move design into the 2012-13 year.  He explained that the purpose of the project is to address a safety issue on the Mohawk/Hudson Trail crossing at Route 5S.  He said that there has been one fatality at this location.  Members approved the amendment.


S188 (1758.00), Erie Boulevard/Jay Street/Nott Street/Front Street



Steve Feeney distributed a handout for this project (attached).  He explained that a TIP amendment was needed to move design into the 2012-13 year.  The project is very important to the Golub Center, Ellis Hospital, Union College as well as the new development at the Alco site.  He said the Alco site will be a brownfield redevelopment, and floodplain issues will be addressed.  Rob Cherry asked if the State ownership of Erie Boulevard had been considered.  Steve Feeney responded that the  project is being coordinated with Mark Kennedy of NYSDOT Region 1.  Ozzie Priotti asked about private developer contributions.  Steve Feeney responded that the developer is making contributions for the trail, and Steve Strichman noted that the developer is making contributions for the second access.  Mike Franchini explained that while CDTC encourages private contributions, they are not required for CDTC projects.  Members approved the amendment.


R196 (1754.68), CR 111 (Pitts-Johns Road) Bridge over the Hoosick River: Bridge Restoration


R287 (1758.15), CR 68 Over Wynantskill Creek


R289 (1758.14), CR 114 Over Powamppokonk Creek


These three projects were discussed together.  Joe Teleska explained that cost estimates for R196 have gone up, and offsets are provided by changing the schedules for R287 and R289.  Members approved the amendments for R196, R287, and R289.


R257 (1755.36), NY 151 over East Street: Bridge



Ozzie Priotti explained that the cost estimate for this project has increased.  The bridge will be rehabbed, and the deck will be retained.  Members approved the amendment.


SA223 (1757.10), US 4 (Central Avenue) Bridge Over the

Anthony Kill


SA222 (1757.09), CR 45 (Northline Road) Bridge over



Mike Valentine explained that a cost increase is needed for SA223, and an offset is provided by decreased costs needed for SA222.  ROW for SA223 will be moved to 2012-13.  Members approved the amendments for SA223 and SA222.


A464 (1757.32), Helderberg Hudson Rail Trail: Phase 1


Bill Anslow explained that construction for this project is being moved out one year.  Members approved the amendment.





Mike Franchini explained that it is assumed that CMAQ funding will not be available in the CDTC area after October 1, 2014.  There are concerns about some projects being on track for construction fund obligation by October 1, 2014.  CDTC staff conducted a review of projects on the TIP, summarized in a hand out (attached).  In addition, there are four set-asides which have not been programmed for specific projects.  In the past, we have approved funding for projects in these set-asides either on a “first come, first served basis” or we have solicited members for projects.  Mike reviewed three options for programming projects for the set-asides, as described in the memo included in the meeting mail out.  These included focusing on existing projects, conducting a limited solicitation for projects, and conducting a broad selection of projects. 


Under the limited solicitation option, it was explained that new projects would have to be considered feasible for quick implementation, and a sponsor’s experience in progressing federal aid projects would be considered in the selection of projects.  It was explained that projects currently programmed for later implementation could be submitted for earlier implementation if they can be progressed quickly.  Project amendments can also be submitted for the set-asides.  Selection of projects and amendments will be contingent on funds available, which will be monitored closely on a monthly basis, including status of existing projects.  Relatively small projects and relatively small project amendments will be favored in the solicitation given limited funds.  Members approved a motion to direct staff to proceed with a solicitation for CMAQ set-asides based on the limited solicitation option.   




Linkage Solicitation for 2013-14


Sandy Misiewicz explained that the next round of Linkage projects will continue to be focused on implementation activities.  There will be $180,000 available for consultant funding and $100,000 available for CDTC staff support.  January 4 will be the deadline for submitting applications, with review in January and approval in February.  Rob Cherry asked why inter-municipal projects are not mentioned in the evaluation criteria.  Sandy responded that inter-municipal cooperation is encouraged and it is mentioned as part of one of the evaluation criteria.  The wording will be clarified to indicate that inter-municipal initiatives will increase the priority of the submission.


Members approved the Linkage Program Solicitation for 2013-14.


Clean Communities Annual Report


Jen Ceponis reviewed the Capital District Clean Communities 2012/13 Annual Operating Plan.  Some notable achievements include CDCC school district members’ continual additions of propane buses to their fleets without grant money.  The popular NYSERDA EVSE Demonstration Program is funding 50 EV charging stations in the Capital Region which are in the process of being installed.  The awardees from the second round of funding are expected to be announced by the end of this year.  CDCC received permission from NYSERDA to use the small amount of leftover ARRA funds to redesign the CDCC website so it can be used as a better outreach and educational tool.  Goals for this coming year and beyond include: continue to increase coalition membership, especially large truck type of fleets; look for more funding opportunities outside of NYSERDA to expand AFVs and infrastructure in the Capital Region.


Steve Iachetta and Mike Franchini commented that this is a very valuable program.  Members approved the Capital District Clean Communities 2012/13 Annual Operating Plan.






Status Report


Mike Franchini reported that there were two responses for preservation first candidates.  Frank Bonafide reported that he received about nine local pavement projects and about three dozen bridge projects region wide for beyond preservation.  He must consolidate $300 million worth of projects into a list totaling $179 million.  His goal is to submit the most competitive projects.  He said there is a very good mix of State and local projects.  He will provide information for the CDTC website.


Joe Teleska commented that the questions on the form didn’t fit well with the needs of Rensselaer County projects.  Frank Bonafide explained that they will be looking at economic development and system impacts, and system priority.  Mike Franchini said that, based on the Main Office working group he participated in, if there is something unusual about a project, if it is important, it should be considered. 


Mike Franchini explained that now that the Beyond Preservation deadline has been met, there is still a lot of work to do in developing the TIP.  Region 1 is expected to submit a Capital Program by the end of December.  Frank Bonafide stated that he would like to see preservation projects by mid-November, and he is considering submitting a block of pavement projects.  He suggested a late November Planning Committee meeting.  Dave Jukins suggested that members pencil in November 28 and December 12 as two tentative Planning Committee meeting dates, which can be canceled if not needed.


Safe Routes to School Update


Jason Purvis reported that 17 infrastructure or combined infrastructure/non-infrastructure applications were received for Region 1, including 10 from the CDTC area, 2 from the A/GFTC area, and 5 from the rural counties.  A review team consisting of representatives from CDTC, A/GFTC and NYSDOT will meet and submit their prioritization to the NYSDOT Main Office.


Status of Planning Activities




Mike Franchini stated that the TIP update has been a major task for staff.  A scope for the update of the New Visions Plan is being developed.  Work has begun on the UPWP update.  Staff is working to revive the Regional Operations Committee and the Freight Task Force.




Rocky Ferraro reported that population forecasts by TAZ (traffic analysis zone) are under development.  They will add to the municipal level totals.  Census ACS data has been released at the one year and three year levels.  The five year level data will be available in early December.




Ross Farrell reported that on Monday CDTA will be rolling out the last major restructuring.  CDTA is also developing two new major BRT corridors:  the Washington Western corridor and the river corridor.  CDTA will also be working on updating the Transit Development Plan (TDP).  CDTA is updating the Transit Development Plan for the next five years.




Frank Bonafide reported that the Latham Circle Bridges project was let, and will result in the same configuration.  Rob Cherry reported that work on the I-87 Integrated Corridor Management Study is continuing.  A MIST Data Mining Tool has been developed, the VISSIM micro-simulation model is being refined for the corridor, and a public meeting is anticipated in January.


Albany Airport Authority


Steve Iachetta reported that updated monthly passenger data indicates that Albany International Airport is the only municipal airport in the state to see growth, albeit modest (1%), in enplanements for the year to date through September compared with the same period in 2011.  Over 20,000 scheduled commercial flights were canceled due to Hurricane Sandy from Saturday through Tuesday, October 27th-31st; this will affect passenger counts for October.  FAA staff governing statewide airports experienced significant property losses in Breezy Point, Queens and southern Long Island. On Federal development planning, $18.7M in safety and capacity projects are being programmed for which approximately $5M will be bid in 2013.  


Albany Port District Commission


Tony Vasil reported that the Port of Albany is implementing a 600 foot wharf replacement on the Rensselaer side, using $11.7 M in Empire State Development funds.  The total project will cost $12.6 M and will start in the spring of 2013, with completion in 2014.  An upstate recycling facility is being progressed.  The Port of Albany was not impacted by the storm.


Linkage/Local Planning Activities


Mike Franchini reported that three Linkage studies are nearing completion: The Hamlet of New Scotland Area Master Plan, the Schenectady Gateway Plaza Implementation Plan, and the Malta Downtown Master Plan Implementation.  Dave Jukins reported that the Schodack Town Center Plan Study is under way and a stakeholder meeting and planning charrette will be held on November 13th and 14th.  The REI is being advertised for the Clifton Park Town Center Strategic Zoning Code Revisions Study.  The REI for the East Greenbush Site Design Standards Study will be advertised soon.  The Railroad Avenue Corridor Study is nearly complete.


Bike Ped Task force


Jason Purvis said that there has been a great deal of interest in the upcoming second round of Continuum of Training for Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety for Law Enforcement sponsored by CDTC.


Safety Task Force


Mike Franchini noted that there has been a great deal of work going on in safety planning.  Work has been progressing on guidelines for project selection for the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP).




The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:22 PM.  The next Planning Committee meeting is tentatively scheduled for November 28, 2012. 


Respectfully submitted,




Michael Franchini