Meeting Minutes

August 6, 2014




Bradley Birge, City of Saratoga Springs

Frank Bonafide, NYS Department of Transportation- Region 1

Ross Farrell, Capital District Transportation Authority

Stephen Feeney, Schenectady County, Vice-Chair

Rocky Ferraro, Capital District Regional Planning Commission

Michael Franchini, Capital District Transportation Committee, Secretary

Stephen Iachetta, Albany County Airport Authority, Chair

Andrew Kreshik, City of Troy

Kathy Matern, Town of Niskayuna

Barb McHugh, Town of Clifton Park

Randy Milano, City of Albany

Paul Reuss, Village of Menands

Tom Richardson, City of Mechanicville

Jeremy Smith, City of Watervliet

Joseph Teliska, representing Wayne Bonesteel, Rensselaer County

Tony Tozzi, Town of Malta

Michael Valentine, Saratoga County

Christopher Wallin, City of Schenectady




Tom Baird, Barton & Loguidice   

Katie Bronson, City of Albany

Jennifer Ceponis, Capital District Transportation Committee

Robert Cherry, NYS Department of Transportation- Region 1

Christopher Desany, Capital District Transportation Authority

Robert Hansen, Creighton Manning

Karen Hulihan, NYS Department of Transportation- Region 1

Jeffrey Johns, Stantec

David Jukins, Capital District Transportation Committee

Carmella Mantello, Barton & Loguidice

Fred Mastroianni, Greenman-Pedersen, Inc

Nicole Matlick, Town of Niskayuna

Christina Minkler, CHA

Sandy Misiewicz, Capital District Transportation Committee

Chris O’Neill, Capital District Transportation Committee

Glenn Posca, Capital District Transportation Committee

Evan J. Seyboth, NYS Department of Transportation- Region 1

Robert Wetmore, Capital District Transportation Committee

Mike Williams, Capital District Transportation Authority

Edward Wolk, Capital District Transportation Authority




Steve Iachetta opened the meeting at approximately 9:33 AM.  There were no visitors’ issues.




Previous Meeting Minutes – July 2, 2014


Members approved the July 2, 2014 minutes.   



Presentation—City of Albany Corning Preserve Master Plan


Katie Bronson gave a presentation about the City of Albany Corning Preserve Master Plan.  Project goals include improving five pedestrian/bicyclist connections, recreating Quay Street as a complete street, and improving mobility within the Corning Riverfront Park.  Steve Iachetta commented that the State Canal Recreationway started here. Rocky Ferraro commented that the Canal Corporation will update the Plan by December 2015 and Rocky will chair that effort.  






A240 (PIN 1721.51): I-87 Exit 3 or 4 Airport Connector

RG110 (PIN 1808.05): State Bridge Preservation Set-Aside


Frank Bonafide explained that a cost increase is needed for Part 1 of this project (A240) for extra embankment and geotechnical needs. This amendment will need Policy Board approval as well, and then will be advertised within one week.  Frank Bonafide requested that the project description for this project in the TIP should be corrected, since it is no longer called the Exit 3 project.  An offset will be provided by reducing the NHPP portion of the State Bridge Preservation setaside (RG110).  Frank said that these amendments will be approved with the understanding that funds not utilized in Exit 4 will be returned to the State Bridge Preservation setaside.  Members approved the amendments for A240 and RG110 as presented.


A527 (1758.91): CR 55 over Vloman Kill: Bridge Replacement or Repair

A529 (1758.88): Plank Road, Onesquethaw Creek Road and Rowe Road: Bridge Deck Replacements


Mike Franchini spoke on behalf of Bill Anslow, who could not attend the meeting.  These two projects (A527 and A529) were originally thought to be beyond preservation projects, but are now anticipated to be preservation projects.  The amendments will not change cost or schedule. Project A529 will replace the wooden deck on each bridge, and project A527 will line a very large culvert.  A comment was made that the PIN numbers for these projects were incorrectly shown on the agenda, but should be correctly noted as 1758.91 for A527 and 1758.88 for A529. Members approved the amendments for A527 and A529 as presented.





R195 (1754.59): South Troy Industrial Park Road


Andrew Kreshik explained that the City of Troy has been trying to progress this project and the biggest delay has resulted from the discovery of pre-contact archeological remains.  As a result, the schedule needs to be changed.  Members approved the amendment.


T90: River Corridor BRT


Ross Farrell said that CDTA is requesting a drawdown from RG109 to provide funding for the project development phase of the River Corridor BRT.  Rob Cherry asked if signal maintenance will be established.  Ross Farrell explained that the approach will be similar to the Washington Western BRT.  Members approved the amendment.




Ross Farrell explained that CDTC Policy Board approval of the resolution adoption of Alternative 2 as the Locally Preferred Alternative for the River Corridor BRT will be requested.  The resolution will be presented to the Policy Board for their approval at the September 4th meeting.  Members approved the resolution.


With regard to the first two TIP amendments (A240 and RG110) Mike Valentine asked about how the offset would affect bridge preservation.  Mike Franchini said that the offset from the State Bridge Preservation setaside will mean less money for state bridge preservation.






Mike Franchini reviewed the list showing status of CMAQ projects.  He said that it could not be confirmed whether SA 217, Crescent Road Bike and Ped Improvements, will be let by October 1, 2014.  He explained that action was not needed at the meeting.


Mike Franchini distributed a handout (attached) that lists the status of “Projects Requiring Obligation by October 1, 2014 or all Phases Move to Fifth Year”.  In response to a question, Frank Bonafide explained that a project is obligated once federal authorization is received.  For questions about supplemental agreements, call Ann Sutkin.  Mike Valentine requested a step by step description of the process leading to project obligation in the minutes.  This description is listed below:




Federal Aid Highway Process for Local Projects


Plan and Identify the Project


Obtain project approval for funding on the TIP/STIP


Execute a Project Agreement


Select and Hire a Consultant


Develop scope of services with cost and obtain federal authorization and obligation for design phases 1-4 (for larger or more complicated projects – definitely for EA or EIS projects)  or 1-6 and ROW incidentals before proceeding with any work


Authorize Proceeding with Preliminary Design and Right of Way Incidental Phases


Prepare Design Approval Document


Authorization and obligation of funds for Detailed design if necessary and ROW if required


ROW Acquisition Phase


Prepare Contract Documents (PS&E) for NYSDOT review and approval


NYSDOT obtains Federal Authorization and C/CI Obligation and provides Sponsor approval to advertise


Bid and Award Project


Construct and Inspect Project


Close Project Agreement


Operate and Maintain Facility


Glenn Posca requested Planning Committee action to clarify the scope for three projects on the list (A433, R257, and S204) as consisting of bridge preservation.  Members approved this action for projects A433, R257, and S204.         




Dave Jukins explained that sixteen applications were received in the Region 1 area; seven were found to be eligible, and of these, four are in the CDTC area.  Staff is participating in an evaluation process: Region 1 will work with CDTC, A/GFTC and the rural counties to review the applications.  They expect to have the review done by the end of August; submissions are due to the Main Office on September 10.  CDTC staff will send the staff rankings to the Policy Board for review at the September 4th meeting.  The Policy may vote on the rankings as a recommendation to NYSDOT; NYSDOT will make the final project selections.  Frank Bonafide said that the Policy Board vote would be a vote of confidence; a no vote could hurt the Region collectively.  He said the minimum project is $250,000, which is more than the CDTC urbanized area allocation.    




Dave Jukins said that the Bridge Working Group interviewed the top three of the consultant submissions. CDM Smith was selected.  He said that final negotiations on price were underway.






Mike Franchini said that three demonstration/trial weeks of Bike Share completed so far in Albany, Troy and Schenectady experienced good results, with a lot of people stopping by, averaging over 100 people.  The fourth week was still to come, in Saratoga Springs the week of August 9th. 


Mike Franchini reported that Capital CarShare, incorporated as a nonprofit, has been established and will be launching in Albany this year.  Four vehicles have been purchased as of August 6, with two more to be purchased.  The goal is to have 100 members by October 1st




Frank Bonafide distributed a handout (attached) that provided a status of project delivery.  He cautioned that although all lights were green, we still haven’t had a letting.  Rob Cherry said to keep in mind that some members need board action and a process to follow.  Frank Bonafide said that the Exit 4 project is currently a big focus.






Mike Franchini reported that the CHA/CME team was selected for the I-787 Livable Corridor Study.  Four proposals have been received for Regional Freight and Goods Movement Study. 





Rocky Ferraro said that the GIS atlas has been updated and is available on the CDRPC website.  Using the ACS journey to work data, CDRPC has created TAZ level origin destination tables for the four counties plus the ten surrounding counties, summarized at the municipality to municipality level.  Tables include the number of persons, as well as mode of transportation.  A copy was provided to A/GFTC.  CDRPC is working on employment forecasts.




Ross Farrell reported that CDTA would be implementing service changes in August.  For example, for Route #100 (Mid City Belt) peak frequency will be increased from one half hour to every 20 minutes.  The Office of General Services has given CDTA approval for reconstruction of the southern ring road in the Harriman Campus for the Washington Western BRT dedicated busway.  Mike Franchini commented that this will be the first dedicated busway in the Capital District.


Albany County Airport Authority


Steve Iachetta reported that passenger travel is steady while revenue is up at the Airport.  $5 million in major runway rehabilitation is progressing.  The next meeting of the Freight Advisory Committee will be held at the Airport.


Albany Port District Commission


Tony Vasil reported that 185 people took part in Port Industry Day on May 1.  The Port is having a good year, with a 60% increase in ocean going vessels and barges; and a 30% increase in tonnage.


Albany Port District Commission


Mike Franchini reported that the Freight Advisory Committee held its last meeting at the Port, which included a tour of the Port with good attendance.


Local Planning Activities


Chris Wallin said that the Oak Street Bridge project in Schenectady is progressing well.  He said that the project must pay the railroad for maintenance of rail traffic during construction, even though the railroad is a partial owner of the bridge.  




The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:06 AM.  The next Planning Committee meeting is scheduled for October 1, 2014. 


Respectfully submitted,





Michael Franchini