Meeting Minutes

July 6, 2011






Melissa Ashline-Heil, City of Cohoes

Bradley Birge, City of Saratoga Springs

Frank Bonafide, NYS Department of Transportation Region 1

Wayne Bonesteel. Rensselaer County

Robert Cherry, NYS Department of Transportation Region 1

Peter Comenzo, Town of Rotterdam

Frank Commisso, Albany Port District Commission

Sarah Crowell, City of Rensselaer

Todd Fabozzi, representing Rocky Ferraro, Capital District

  Regional Planning Commission

Steve Feeney, Schenectady County

Michael Franchini, Albany County (Chairman)

Steve Iachetta, Albany County Airport Authority

Andrew Kreshik, City of Troy

Joseph LaCivita, Town of Colonie

Patrick McCarroll, representing Michael Loftus, NYS Thruway

Rosemary Nichols, City of Watervliet

John P. Poorman, Capital District Transportation Committee  


Paul Reuss, Village of Menands

Tom Richardson, City of Mechanicville

Steve Watts, Town of Halfmoon

Kristina Younger, Capital District Transportation Authority





Susan Andrews, NYS Department of Transportation

Jennifer Ceponis, Capital District Transportation Committee

Joe Cimino, Clough Harbour Associates

Marie Corrado, NYS Department of Transportation

Erik Deyoe, Town of Bethlehem

Rich Filkins, NYS Department of Transportation Region 1

David Jukins, Capital District Transportation Committee
Rob Leslie, Town of

Sandra Misiewicz, Capital District Transportation Committee

Larry Mulvaney, NYS Department of Transportation Region 1

Chris O’Neill, Capital District Transportation Committee

Jason Purvis, Capital District Transportation Committee

Gregory Roy, McFarland Johnson

Deb Stacey, Capital District Transportation Committee

John Stangle, Village of Menands

Angelo Trichilo, NYS Department of Transportation Region 1






Chairman Franchini opened the meeting at approximately 9:40 am.  There were no visitor’s issues.




Town of Bethlehem: Evaluation Process For New Pathway Investment


Rob Leslie of the Town of Bethlehem gave a presentation on the Evaluation Process for New Pathway Investment.  The 2005 Comprehensive Plan cited the importance of bicycle and pedestrian mobility and pedestrian connections.  The Paths 4 Bethlehem Committee was started in 2009.  The Paths 4 Bethlehem Committee has sponsored a bike/ped rodeo for kids and bike/ped education, and has created a 100 mile bike/ped priority network for the Town of Bethlehem.  The rest of the presentation focused on the evaluation process for new pathway investment.  The evaluation process has been successfully applied, and it was suggested that CDTC could consider incorporating some of its components into the CDTC review process for bike/ped project evaluation.


New York State Department of Transportation: Rail Projects and High Speed Rail


Susan Andrews and Marie Corrado of the New York State Department of Transportation Office of Major Projects gave a presentation on rail projects and high speed rail, focusing on the Capital District.  High speed rail goals for New York State include improving on-time performance, reducing trip time, increasing frequency, and revitalizing stations and modal connections.  In 2011, New York State received $354 million of funding for rail projects, including eight projects in the Capital District.  These projects include the Ballston Spa 2nd Main Track, $6.58M; the Schenectady Intermodal Station, $13.1M, in final design now; Albany Schenectady Double Track, $92M; 4th Track Construction at the Albany-Rensselaer Station, $42.89M; Hudson Line Grade Crossing Improvements, $2.5M; Hudson Line Signal Improvements Phase 1, $2.5M; Signal Improvements – Final Phase – Hudson, $26.6M; and the Livingston Avenue Bridge—estimated cost, $200M, with a federal Grant for $2m.


Discussion followed about the Livingston Avenue Bridge.  John Poorman spoke about the importance of providing a pedestrian crossing of the Hudson River as part of the Livingston Avenue Bridge Project.  This pedestrian crossing is cited in the Hudson River Crossing Study and supported by the CDTC New Visions Plan.  The CDTC Policy Board added this project to the TIP/STIP with the understanding that the design must address the pedestrian treatment in some fashion.  John Poorman said that the project must evaluate this pedestrian crossing as part of the project development.  Mike Franchini commented on the importance of determining ownership of the bridge early in the process, especially if public funds will be used to build a new bridge.  Marie Corrado said that she would keep CDTC informed about this project.




New York State Department of Transportation: I-87 Exit 3-4 Project


Angelo Trichilo gave a presentation on the I-87 Exit 3-4 Project.  Primary project objectives include improving access between I-87 and Albany International Airport, improving access between I-87 and Wolf Road, improving intersection operations in the existinf Exit 4 area, and eliminating the structural deficiencies associated with the northbound and southbound Northway bridges over Albany Shaker Road. A secondary project objective is to improve system connectivity between bike/ped facilities on Wolf Road and those constructed as part of the Albany Shaker/Watervliet Shaker Road projects.


Two alternatives are being dismissed: the Exit 4 Upgrades alternative and the Single Point Urban Interchange alternatives.  Two alternatives are being carried forward: the Diamond Alternative, $36.5M construction, $20.0M ROW; and the Flyover Alternative, $26.3M construction, $9.0M ROW.  The project schedule indicates bid letting for the replacement of the bridges in September 2013, with construction of the bridges in 2014 and 2015.  Letting and construction of the remainder of the project will be subject to availability of federal funds and cost of the final alternative selected.  The CDTC TIP has funding programmed in 2010-2015 that would be enough to fund the flyover alternative.


New York State Department of Transportation: Route 146 Corridor


Rich Filkins presented the status of the Balltown Road project and explained that NYSDOT is focusing on replacing or rehabbing the Rexford Bridge and improving Route 146 from Aqueduct Road to Riverview Road.  Alternatives include rehab and replacement of the Rexford Bridge.  Non-motorized facilities are being strongly considered, especially the Mohawk Hudson Bike-Hike Trail.

TDM, transit and park and ride lots are being considered.  A two way left turn lane is also being considered.  The schedule calls for construction beginning in 2014.







Approval of the May 4, 2011 Meeting Minutes


Members approved the May 4th meeting notes as written.




Resolution Supporting CDTC as a Co-Applicant with CDRPC


Todd Fabozzi explained that there will be a second round of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant Program, and CDRPC will be applying again.  The application proposal will be very similar to last year. CDTC will be a co-applicant and additional consortium members are still being identified and reaffirmed by CDRPC.  There is a new section in this year’s grant requirement regarding energy efficiency, and CDRPC’s pending application for a NYSERDA grant should address this issue.  Members approved a resolution confirming CDTC’s participation as a co-applicant.




Progress Report


The CDTC Progress Report for October 1, 2010 through April 1, 2011 was approved by members.




Section 5310 Project Evaluations


Deb Stacey presented the Section 5310 Project Evaluations.  She explained that there were six applicants, applying for 13 vehicles, with a total cost of $939,550, with 80% federal funding to be provided.  CDTC’s practice is to provide a placeholder on the TIP for these vehicles, and wait for the statewide allocation in the Fall.  CDTC’s evaluation and willingness to add the projects to the TIP will be considered in the review process. The evaluation was approved by members.


Section 5317 New Freedom Program Report


CDTA as the designated recipient for New Freedom Funds, conducted an area wide solicitation for applications for projects for 2011 New Freedom activities in February.  One application was received, with four agencies collaborating.  Because the New Freedom program encourages collaboration, this can be regarded as a strong application.  The application is to purchase Digital Mobile Radio technology for the aggregate fleet of 124 vehicles.  In addition, $23,000 in federal funds allocated to Saratoga County and $5,500 remaining in the Albany-Schenectady-Troy allocation will be added to the Accessible Taxi program to allow it to expand to eight taxis.  The figure of $267,500 needs to be included in the 2010-15 Transportation Program for the proposed New Freedom activities to proceed ($238,750 for A-S-T and $28,750 for Saratoga).  The members approved this action item.    


R240 (1755.20) Brookside Avenue over Wynanskill


R198 (1754.70) New Sidewalks on the east side of Brookside Avenue


The above two items were presented and discussed together.  Joe Cimino presented information about both projects.  The R240 amendment does not involve a scope change, but involves a requested increase in funding.  He also mentioned that the project schedule is shown incorrectly on the STIP, but correctly on the CDTC TIP.  The R198 amendment is requesting a scope change.  Originally the scope was to construct an asphalt strip on the west side of the street.  Because of drainage issues and other considerations, the Town would like to construct a sidewalk with a curb and closed drainage on the east side of the street and provide an overlay the entire roadway. 


After discussion it was concluded that the R240 amendment would need an HBRR offset that has not yet been identified.  It was also explained that the incorrect schedule on the STIP requires a simple correction to agree with the TIP, and no action is required by the Planning Committee to change the STIP. The members voted to table action on R240 until NYSDOT could look into finding an HBRR offset and report back.


A number of members expressed the opinion that due to the size of the proposed amendment for R198, a TIP amendment would not be appropriate, and that instead the proposed new scope would need to compete as a new project in a future TIP project solicitation.  However, it was explained that if the project is not advanced, the Town would owe the federal government roughly $15,000 for charges already expended on the project.  The members approved a motion to deny the amendment for R198, and to give the Town a chance to hear and discuss potential ramifications before removing the project from the TIP.     


A532 (1933.16) & RG40, Warning Device Upgrade – New Courtland St., Cohoes


A533 (1933.17) & RG40, Municipal work at various rail crossing locations, Cohoes


R303 (1932.08) & RG40, Hunt Road Crossing of Pan Am Railways, Pittstown


The above three items were discussed and voted on together.  Frank Bonafide explained the need for these three TIP amendments.  The amendments were approved by the members.


TIP Project Monitoring, Tracking and Amendments


John Poorman explained that NYSDOT is upgrading its monitoring system to result in better management of project schedules.  This initiative is consistent with desires expressed by staff and Planning Committee members to more carefully monitor projects and prevent excessive project delays.  Staff will put together a proposal to address these issues.  One aspect of this can be to develop percentage guidelines for TIP amendments that will trigger comparisons with other project candidates that did or will compete with the project for funding.  Frank Bonafide expressed caution that procedures should not be overly prescriptive but should leave room for judgment which this Committee has been good at.  




Frank Bonafide explained that about $6 million is available statewide, and FHWA will make the decisions for this program.  Information is limited at this time.  Many good proposals have been submitted, some based on Linkage Studies.  Selections are expected by the end of the federal fiscal year.  John Poorman said that FHWA has left the MPOs out of the loop for this program. 








Frank Bonafide reported that 17 people from Design will be leaving Region 1 as a result of layoffs.  This will impact the Region’s ability to deliver the program.  Statewide, 199 people will be leaving NYSDOT.




Kristina Younger reported that CDTA will be holding four public meetings to discuss the Albany County Route Restructuring Plan.  


Albany County Airport Authority


Steve Iachetta reported that May 2011 enplanements (departing passengers) were 2.7% higher than May 2010.  The Airport is commencing construction on $3.8M in Runway 10-28 related taxiways and air cargo ramp pavement rehabilitation.




There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:13 PM.  The next Planning Committee meeting is scheduled for August 3, 2011.


Respectfully submitted,





John P. Poorman