Meeting Minutes

May 7, 2014




Melissa (Ashline-Heil) Cherubino, City of Cohoes

Bradley Birge, City of Saratoga Springs

Frank Bonafide, NYS Department of Transportation-Region 1

Wayne Bonesteel, Rensselaer County

Peter Comenzo, Town of Rotterdam

Darrell Duncan, Albany County

Todd Fabozzi, representing Rocky Ferraro, Capital District Regional Planning Commission

Stephen J. Feeney, Schenectady County, Vice Chair

Michael Franchini, Capital District Transportation Committee, Secretary

Nadine Fuda, Town of Schodack

Robert Leslie, Town of Bethlehem

Kathy Matern, Town of Niskayuna

Randy Milano, City of Albany

Charles Moore, City of Rensselaer

Paul Reuss, Village of Menands

Tom Richardson, City of Mechanicville

Nelson Ronsvalle, Town of Halfmoon

Jeremy Smith, City of Watervliet

Tony Tozzi, Town of Malta

Michael Valentine, Saratoga County

Christopher Wallin, City of Schenectady

Ed Wolk, representing Ross Farrell, Capital District Transportation Authority




Bill Anslow, Albany County

Tom Baird, Barton & Loguidice   

Chris Bauer, Capital District Transportation Committee

Anne Benware, Capital District Transportation Committee

Jennifer Ceponis, Capital District Transportation Committee

Robert Cherry, NYS Department of Transportation-Region 1

Michael Cooper, Bergmann Associates

Chris Cornwell, Greenman-Pedersen Inc.

Brian Cross, NYS Department of Transportation Region-1

Christopher Desany, Capital District Transportation Authority

Eric T. Deyoe, Town of Bethlehem

Peter Faith, GPI

Alex Gordon, Capital District Transportation Committee

Robert Hansen, Creighton Manning

Karen Hulihan, NYS Department of Transportation Region-1

David P. Jukins, Capital District Transportation Committee

Teresa LaSalle, Capital District Transportation Committee

Carmella Mantello, Barton & Loguidice

Fred Mastroianni, Greenman-Pedersen Inc.

Nicole Matlick, Town of Niskayuna

Sandy Misiewicz, Capital District Transportation Committee

Larry Mulvaney, NYS Department of Transportation Region-1

Sree Nampoothiri, Capital District Transportation Committee

Chris O’Neill, Capital District Transportation Committee

Glenn Posca, Capital District Transportation Committee

John Scavo, Town of Clifton Park

Evan J. Seyboth, NYS Department of Transportation Region-1

Ron Shaffer, NYS Department of Transportation Region-1

Owen Shevlin, NYS Department of Transportation Region-1

Brian Stewart, Capital District Transportation Committee

Joseph Teliska, Rensselaer County

Robert Wetmore, Capital District Transportation Committee

Lisa Westrick, CHA Consulting Inc.




Steve Feeney opened the meeting at approximately 9:33 AM.  There were no visitors’ issues.




Previous Meeting Minutes – April 2, 2014


Joe Teliska said that on page 3, second paragraph of the minutes, the minutes incorrectly stated that he asked why preservation for rural roads is not on the priority network.  He said that his question was about why priority networks were being used to evaluate pavement preservation projects.  With this correction, members approved the April 2, 2014 minutes.   








A533 (1932.99): Main St. Rail Crossing, Cohoes

A533 (1933.01): Columbia/Mohawk St. Rail Crossing, Cohoes

A518 (1933.03): Ontario St. Rail Crossing, Cohoes

A535 (1933.16): New Courtland St. Rail Crossing, Cohoes


Frank Bonafide explained that the above four rail crossing projects

are funded with non-competitive fund sources which are programmed in the Main Office.  Members approved the amendments for these four projects.


SA201 (1756.60): Ballston Avenue, from Lincoln Avenue  to Hamilton Street: Safety  Improvements


Brad Birge explained that this project will provide safety improvements, traffic improvements and safe pedestrian crossings.  Fred Mastroianni explained that full depth reconstruction is necessary, as well as an additional signal and a mid-block pedestrian crossing.  Rob Cherry asked if we can be confident in the cost increase estimate.  Fred explained that the cost estimate is based on advanced detailed plans.  Steve Feeney asked about the impact on the program.  Frank Bonafide said that the STIP is not over-programmed.  Mike Franchini said that the effect would be in the fourth or fifth year.  Joe Teliska expressed concern over the fact that there is no offset for the cost increase.  Frank Bonafide said that at this time, NYSDOT does not require an offset.  Joe commented that we need to do better at keeping cost increases under control.  Members approved the amendment, with Rensselaer County abstaining.



SA261 (PIN 1758.97): North Main Street over Anthony  Kill: Bridge Replacement or Repair

SA262 (PIN 1758.94): Frances Street over Anthony  Kill: Bridge Replacement or Repair


Tom Richardson explained that the above two TIP amendments will result in a transfer of funding from one bridge to another.  The Main Street bridge costs will decline by a net amount of $785,000.  The Frances Street bridge cost will increase by $794,000.  Members approved the amendments for these two projects.


SA108/S96 (PIN 1085.42): Balltown Road, from Riverview Road to  Aqueduct Road: Corridor Improvements


Frank Bonafide said that this amendment would move this project from the Post 2018 TIP to the five year TIP.  The project will be funded with Beyond Preservation NHPP funding approved by the Main Office, and will not count against the regional or MPO allocation.  Members approved the amendment. 


A547 (PIN 1051.71): South Mall Expressway Bridges, I-787 to Empire State Plaza


Frank Bonafide explained that this project was unintentionally omitted from the TIP.  He suggested that the $18 million saved from the Post five year TIP by the previous amendment (for Balltown Road) could be used to offset the $15.25 million needed for this project.  Mike Franchini said that while these are critical bridges, the amendment would have less impact if we could use State projects on the five year TIP to offset the cost. 


There was a discussion about the desirability of converting NHPP funding to STP funding, since most local bridges cannot be funded with NHPP funds.  Owen Shevlin explained that any such change would have to be done at a statewide level and would be extremely rare. 


Members approved the amendment contingent upon the State finding offsets from their program in the four year TIP.


A240 (PIN 1721.51): I-87 Exit 3 or 4 Airport Connector 


Frank Bonafide asked that we drop “Exit 3” from the description of this project.  This project has two phases.  The first phase will replace the Northway bridges at Exit 4.  The Department would like to let phase 1 by September, assuming the environmental process can be progressed.  The cost increase includes the cost to purchase all right of way needed for phases 1 and 2.  Members approved the amendment.


RG128 (PIN 1810.19): Bridge Painting


Frank Bonafide explained that this amendment is a draw down from an existing set-aside (RG110) in the TIP, to create a new project, RG128.  Members approved the amendment.


A502 (PIN 1758.02): Meads Lane/Van Dyke Road Intersection: Upgrade/Realignment


Mike Franchini distributed a handout describing this amendment (attached).  Erik Deyoe explained that because of cost increases for this project, Town forces will do part of the work so that there will be no increase in federal funding for this project.  An amendment is needed because of the scope for federal funding will change.  The safety issue will still be addressed.  Members approved the amendment.




Mike Franchini reviewed the process for evaluating project candidates.  He said that since the last meeting, the Airport project (Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station) was found to be eligible for STP-Flex funding.  The Sitterly Road project, which had been found to be ineligible because it was a “Beyond Preservation” project, was resubmitted with a new scope that included new signals and signal coordination only with federal funding.  The revised project submittal was found to be eligible and was evaluated by staff.  There were also discussions with sponsors about cost estimates for pavement preservation projects.  Staff review of costs emphasizes consistency.  Some Rensselaer County project costs were updated resulting in minor changes. 


Joe Teliska commented that project #36 was estimated to cost $849,000 by CDTC, while the Rensselaer County estimate was $510,000.  Project #31 was estimated to cost $735,000 by CDTC, while the Rensselaer County estimate was $470,000.  Mike Franchini said that these differences would not affect competitiveness; and using the higher cost makes the need for a TIP amendment less likely. 


Mike Franchini distributed three handouts which documented resolutions developed by the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee, the Complete Streets Advisory Committee, and the Regional Operations and Safety Advisory Committee (attached).


In response to a question, Glen Posca explained the project evaluation process.  The CDTC STEP Model is used to determine the facility value based on traffic volumes and diversions that would result if a road was allowed to deteriorate.  Then, based on pavement deterioration rates, the life cycle benefits of the project are calculated.  Wayne Bonesteel commented that some pavement project costs are approaching reconstruction costs.  Mike Franchini said that costs per lane mile were examined.  There were variations that may correspond to different treatments and pavement conditions, and urban pavements may be more expensive for various reasons.  Since overestimating costs would be a huge disadvantage in our process, we assumed that there is no motivation to over-estimate.  Glenn Posca said that some of the city projects are mill and fill and therefore cost more per lane mile.


Steve Feeney presented the options for each set-aside and asked for a separate vote for each. 


Members approved Option 1 for RG28: Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Set-Aside, funding project number 1.


Members approved Option 1 for RG39: ITS Set-Aside for Local Traffic Signals, funding project numbers 3, 5, 2, and 4.


Members approved Option 1 for RG102: Alternative Fuel Program for Non-CDTA Fleets Set-Aside, funding project numbers 6 and 7.


Members approved Option 1 for RG103: Bicycle/Pedestrian Network Set-Aside.  Contingent on project no. 8, Madison Ave. Road Diet, being eligible for HSIP funding, fund all projects (nos. 8, 14, 11, 12, 13, and 9) but cap the funding for project no. 11, Flower Hill Multi-Use Path Connection, at $222,000. The Town of Niskayuna will need to commit to funding all costs above $222,000, using Town funds, developer funds, or other funding.


For RG116, no project applications were received and no action was taken.


Members approved Option 1 for RG119: Linkage Program Implementation Set-Aside, funding project number 17.


Members approved Option 1 for RG124:  Intersection Safety Improvements Set-Aside.  Option 1 was to not fund any projects in this category.  Project number 18 was previously fully funded with CMAQ and NHPP funding.  Whether it is eligible for HSIP funding has not yet been determined.


Mike Franchini explained the two options for programming projects submitted for RG125: Pavement Preservation Set-Aside for Non-State Roads.  Option 1 would fund project numbers 27, 55, 57, 54, 25, 28, 46, 21, 41, 26, 59, and 56 (all projects “above the line”) and project number 20 (“below the line”).  Option 2 would fund project numbers 27, 55, 57, 54, 25, 28, 46, 21, 41, 26, 59, and 56 (all projects “above the line”) and, for the purpose of geographic balance, project number 32 (“below the line”).  Joe Teliska suggested considering another option based on maximizing lane miles addressed.  Mike Franchini commented that we did not say that we would program based on cost per lane mile.  Steve Feeney suggested that a subcommittee could be established to evaluate the process for future solicitations.  Chris Wallin suggested that in the future the process could be structured to encourage bundling of projects, for example between the County and the City.  Mike Franchini said in the future we could consider evaluating partner projects as one project.  After discussion, members approved Option 2 for RG125: Pavement Preservation Set-Aside for Non-State Roads.




UPWP Comments


Mike Franchini said that CDTC received comments on the UPWP from the New York State Department of Parks and Recreation.  They commented that Peebles Island should be considered in the I-787 Study; the New York State 2010 New York Statewide Trails Plan should be considered as a reference when working on Bicycle and Pedestrian planning projects; CDTC was asked to consider the recommendations of the recently completed “2014-2019 Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP), New York State Outdoors: Healthy Living Through Nature” that align well with the New Visions Plan.


FHWA Local Freight Data Improvement Project Addition


Mike Franchini reported that CDTC and RPI submitted a joint application to FHWA for their SHRP2 Implementation Assistance Program Local Freight Data Improvement funding.  FHWA notified CDTC that they were awarded $150,000 for this project.  RPI will do a great deal of the technical work.  Members approved the addition of $150,000 in grant funding to the UPWP for this project. 


FTA MPP Apportionment Adjustment


Mike Franchini explained that for accounting purposes a UPWP budget amendment is required. The actual FTA Metropolitan Planning Program appropriation for 2014-15 is $6,765 more than the estimated allocation.  Members approved this revision to the 2014-15 UPWP FTA MPP budget.


Local Bridge Preservation Candidate Project Addition


Dave Jukins said that the draft RFP for this project was sent to the bridge group today [May 7].  The consultant contract for the project will be funded with SDF funding, with no local match required.  The consultant cost of the project is not expected to exceed $100,000.  Although the consultant contract will be funded through the TIP, a UPWP amendment is needed.  Members approved a UPWP amendment to add this project to CDTC’s UPWP.


CDRPC Carryover


Mike Franchini explained that CDTC contracts with CDRPC to analyze Census data.  A UPWP budget amendment is required to account for an actual carryover amount of $44,998.22 instead of $50,000 originally estimated.  Members approved the UPWP budget amendment as described in the mail out package.


Year-end Adjustments


Mike Franchini reviewed the proposed budget revisions for the end of the year closeout.  Members approved the budget revisions for the 2013-14 Fiscal Year Closeout as described in the mail out package.






Mike Franchini said that work is continuing on the New Visions update; the subcommittees will prepare white papers by the end of July.




Mike Franchini referred to the status sheet in the mail out package and commented that good progress is being made.




Frank Bonafide distributed a handout (attached) that provided a status of project delivery.  He said members should inform Region 1 of any scheduling problems.




Mike reminded the Committee that CDTC is sponsoring the Capital Region Bike to Work Challenge for Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga, and Schenectady Counties on May 16th.




Anne Benware said that CDTC was notified over the winter that there was a remaining balance of New Freedom funds available for programming in the Albany-Schenectady-Troy Urbanized Area in the amount of $162,610.  Due to Federal Transit Administration (FTA) rules and deadlines a competitive solicitation had to be completed within a short timeframe or the funding will lapse.  Consequently CDTC conducted a competitive solicitation for New Freedom program eligible projects with proposals due March 18, 2014. One proposal was submitted and will be evaluated by a subcommittee of the RTCC this Friday.  The proposal for a total of $32,000 federal share was submitted by Catholic Charities Senior Services of Schenectady.  Their proposal includes two parts: one for upgrades to their joint routing/dispatch software/hardware (a previously funded New Freedom project) and Emergency GO Bags for Seniors/Mobility Impaired Individuals.






Mike Franchini reported that NYSDOT has decided that the next TIP update will be postponed for one year, given the uncertainty of federal transportation legislation to extend MAP-21. 


He said there are materials on the table explaining a proposal for the State legislature to give authorization to cities and municipalities to set lower speed limits if they choose to.  The Capital District Regional Economic Development Council has announced round 4 solicitation for CFAs (Consolidated Funding Applications).  CFAs are due June 16.




Todd Fabozzi said that work is progressing on employment forecasts and a regional atlas update.  He said that planning studies and bike ped projects are eligible under the Cleaner Greener program as part of the CREDC CFA solicitation.




Chris Desany said that a significant focus for CDTA is the forty miles of BRT, including the Washington Western Corridor and the River Corridor.  CDTA has been meeting with communities in the river corridor as part of BRT planning.  The Washington Western BRT project received guidance to go in the direction of categorical exlusion.


The Off-Board Fare Collection project is going well; 250 new fareboxes have been installed.




Rob Cherry reported that ADA training is scheduled for June 10-11.  It will take place live in Region 8 and Region 1 will host a webinar. 


Frank Bonafide announced that Larry Mulvaney will retire in the coming weeks, make this his last Planning Committee.  The Committee gave Larry a round of applause.


Albany Port District Commission


Mike Franchini reported that 185 people took part in Port Industry Day.



Mike Franchini referred the Committee to the mail out for a summary of Linkage progress.


Bike/Ped Advisory Committee


Mike Franchini said that this committee will meet on Tuesday May 13.


Freight Advisory Committee


Mike Franchini introduced two new CDTC staff people: Chris Bauer and Rob Wetmore.  Chris Bauer will be working on the Freight Advisory Committee and Rob Wetmore will be working with Glenn Posca.


Traffic Skills 101 Course


Mike Franchini said that a Traffic Skills 101 Course is being offered May 9 & 10 at the West Avenue YMCA in Saratoga Springs. Each class will have both a Friday and Saturday component. The cost to register is $5 per person.




The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:58 PM.  The next Planning Committee meeting is scheduled for July 2, 2014. 


Respectfully submitted,





Michael Franchini