Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2007




Geoff Bornemann, City of Saratoga Springs (Vice-Chairman)

Judy Breselor, City of Troy

Steve Feeney, Schenectady County

Rocky Ferraro, Capital District Regional Planning Commission

Michael Franchini, Albany County (Chairman)

Fred Howard, Rensselaer County

Steve Iachetta, Albany County Airport Authority

Barb McHugh, Town of Clifton Park

John Poorman, Capital District Transportation Committee (Secretary)

Dave Rettig, NYSDOT Region 1

Phil Serafino, New York State Thruway Authority

Bernard Sisson, City of Schenectady

John Stangle, Town of Colonie

Erin Thomas, City of Cohoes

Mike Valentine, Saratoga County

Kristina Younger, Capital District Transportation Authority




Dave Jukins, Capital District Transportation Committee

George Leveille, Town of Bethlehem

Sandra Misiewicz, Capital District Transportation Committee

Larry Mulvaney, NYSDOT Region 1

Christine Neumann, Capital District Transportation Committee

Jeff Pangburn, Creighton Manning

Philip Parella, Jr., Capital District Transportation Authority

Jason Purvis, Capital District Transportation Committee

Paul Reuss, Village of Menands

Jim Rivers, City of Troy

Steve Szanto, Creighton Manning





Chairman Franchini opened the meeting at approximately 9:35 am.  He welcomed members and guests who introduced themselves.  There were no requests from visitors to speak to the Committee. 


Action Items




Approval of the February 7, 2007 Meeting Minutes


The minutes of the February 7, 2007 meeting were approved as written. 





Block Funds for Scenic Byways


The Committee approved NYSDOT’s request to add block funding for scenic byway projects to the 2005-2010 Transportation Improvement Program.  These are earmarked funds.





Additions and Corrections to Draft TIP


John Poorman directed the members’ attention to the previously distributed informational sheet entitled, Corrections to Project Listings and Spreadsheets for February 21, 2007.  Mr. Poorman also provided the members with a handout which represented Part 2 of the corrections list.  Glenn Posca reviewed the corrections with the Committee and asked that any comments or questions be brought up as each item was presented so those issues could be discussed and the listings corrected as necessary.  The following projects were identified as requiring action by the Committee: the list of major projects, S157 (Maple Avenue Realignment), SA216 (Church Street Reconstruction), R155 (NY 2 Reconstruction, 11th Street to Pawling Avenue), R245 (NY 2 Reconstruction 5th Avenue to 11th Street), implications to the proposed CMAQ project bundle, and R244 (ITS Signal Improvements Phase 2).


Review of Major Projects List


Mr. Poorman provided the Committee with a handout entitled Major Existing TIP Projects Current Status which shows major projects with total matched federal funds.  Glenn Posca noted that only those projects identified in bold text in the table were changed since the February 7, 2007 meeting.  Dave Rettig noted that the changes shown for SA108/S96 (Balltown Road Corridor Improvements) represent cost increases and that there was no change to the project scope.  Mr. Poorman noted that the project would likely be revisited following construction of the roundabouts per NYSDOT’s safety project.  For project A296 (Relocation of Maxwell Road), the funding shown in the spreadsheet does not include any local or state funds and that the responsible agency is the town, not NYSDOT. 


For project A290 (Selkirk Bypass) George Leveille noted that there should be some consistency in project cost estimating and inflation procedures and requested that a note be added to this project indicating that the project cost was not adjusted for inflation.  Mr. Poorman recommended that the project be shown at $7.8M in the post 2012 column with a note in the description regarding the cost estimate/inflation issue.  The members approved this table with the noted changes. 


S157 (Maple Avenue Realignment)


Schenectady County reinforced its position on S157 with a letter to CDTC requesting a scope change to best fit the available budget.  The Committee approved the scope change which will focus on the intersection of Alplaus and Maple Avenue. 


SA216 (Church Street Reconstruction)


The Committee approved the cost change to SA126.  It was noted that this project is using NHS funds and therefore the cost increase would draw down upon available NHS funds for CDTC. According to the Funds and Project Costs by Fund Source table handed out during this discussion, there are NHS funds available to cover the cost increase.  


R155 (NY 2 Reconstruction, 11th Street to Pawling Avenue and

R245 (NY 2 Reconstruction, 5th Avenue to 11th Street)


The Committee approved the cost increases to both R155 and R245.  It was noted that both projects are STP funded and the increases will be drawing down on that fund source.  According to the Funds and Project Costs by Fund Source table there are STP funds available to cover the cost increases. 


Implication on Bundle of CMAQ Projects


Mr. Posca directed the Committee to page 12 of the draft 2007-2012 TIP for Planning Committee Review which provided a table entitled, Bundle of CMAQ Categorical Commitments for the 2007-2012 Update.  Mr. Posca noted that prior to today’s actions, it was estimated that CDTC would have roughly $24M in CMAQ funds available for programming.  With today’s actions, that figure decreased to roughly $20M in available CMAQ leaving the proposed Bundle of CMAQ projects over-programmed by roughly $4M in the Draft 2007-2012 TIP.  After some discussion, the Committee approved the CMAQ Bundle as is, recognizing that CMAQ will be over-programmed.  This action also funded R244 (ITS Signal Improvements Phase 2) at the inflated cost and it was noted that the table on Page 12 would need to be updated to reflect today’s actions.


Mr. Poorman noted that pending any further comments on the CMAQ issue, it would be appropriate to show the CMAQ bundle in the project listings.  It was noted that three projects (Alt fuel, retrofit: other fleets and off-road vehicles, Bike/Ped Network, and Intersection/Queue Jumper/Roundabouts) would be treated as set-asides and would be new regional project listings in the 2007-2012 TIP.  It was also noted that the Bus Replacement and Operations projects would be added into existing transit listings and the rest (those without new funds attached to them) would be dealt with later on as set-asides.  A note will be added to the new listings to indicate that these are competitive set-asides and a solicitation will be undertaken.  It was suggested that they be solicited for under a single cover letter to ensure that potential sponsors are aware of the opportunities that exist. 


Notes Regarding 2007-2012 Draft TIP Document


Mr. Posca noted several items regarding the development of the draft TIP document.  Of particular note is a notation on the table in the Draft TIP document on Page 40 entitled, Guidelines for TIP Changes.  The notation indicates that amendments dependent on another amendment requiring a higher level of action also requires that level of action. 


Mr. Poorman reminded everyone to double check their project listings on the CDTC website (  Mr. Poorman also noted to the Committee that we may be facing a bunching of non-state projects in the program and that it is possible that NYSDOT could have a cash flow problem with respect to letting all of these projects simultaneously.  Although the TIP is showing the years in which the projects may happen, it may not be realistic for all of these non-state projects to occur as scheduled.  For now, NYSDOT will monitor the situation.  Finally, Mr. Poorman noted that NYSDOT and CDTC will re-establish routine meetings with project sponsors to go over project status ahead of the TIP update process.  There appears to be a need for better project monitoring outside of the TIP update.


Mr. Posca provided the Committee with a handout entitled, Notes Regarding Draft TIP Document Part 2.  The Committee approved the staff request to remove letting dates from the project listings and approved the inclusion of appendices A and C which were not included in the mail-out material. 


Approval of the Draft 2007-2012 TIP


Following a final call for questions and comments on the draft TIP, the Committee approved the release of the TIP document to CDTC’s Policy Board, reflecting today’s actions including updated tables.  Mr. Poorman made some final comments regarding the draft TIP.  First, CDTC staff will ensure that the document language satisfies SAFETEA-LU requirements.  Second, CDTC staff will calculate air quality benefits for the CMAQ projects and send them to NYSDOT for review.  Third, since the Policy Board meeting has been moved to March 8, 2007 to allow time for the production of the TIP document, at the April 4th Planning Committee meeting the members will need to discuss CDTC procedures related to such issues as fiscal constraint.  








As there were no other discussion items on the agenda, Chairman Franchini reviewed the list of upcoming meetings and noted the March 8th Policy Board meeting. 


There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,





John P. Poorman