2010-15 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Project Listings

For Planning Committee Review

Please Note: Since project costs and schedules were not explicitly updated in the 2010-15 TIP Update, there could be some differences between actual costs and schedules and those shown in the listings. All project implementers are requested to review the listings for their projects and immediately inform CDTC staff of any cost changes over $1M or so, and of any schedule changes that move a project phase into or out of the five-year period. Any schedule changes contained within the five-year period or regarding the committed period only, can be handled now, or during the fiscal constraint phase of the update.

These draft 2010-15 TIP project listings are an update of the draft 2009-14 project listings which were produced during the 2009-14 TIP Update. The following changes were made to the 2009-14 TIP listings to convert them to draft 2010-15 project listings:

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