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New Visions Regional Transportation Plan

On September 3, 2015, CDTC approved a twenty-five year transportation plan known as New Visions 2040. The New Visions Plan supports keeping our highways and bridges in good condition, providing high quality transit service, and building what we call "complete streets" -- streets designed for cars, as well as for walking, bicycling, and transit. New Visions describes the transportation investment needed for sustainable economic growth.

The region has many assets: good transportation, strong urban areas, affordable and diverse housing, good schools, colleges and universities, ease of mobility, modern air and rail facilities, cultural and recreational opportunities and a clean environment.

CDTC is committed to the maintenance, repair, reconstruction and right-sizing of the existing freight and passenger transportation facilities while also recognizing the need to plan for new technology. Self-driving cars, self-adjusting traffic signals, smart phone apps, ridesharing, carsharing, and bikesharing will have tremendous impacts on future transportation. These impacts include decreasing congestion, providing transportation to more seniors and people with disabilities, reducing traffic crashes, and more.

CDTC produces a number of documents and reports per federal requirements as well as at the request of CDTC's member agencies. These reports, plans and studies represent a tremendous amount of public input into the transportation planning process and help ensure infrastructure investments provide the utmost benefit to the region.

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