CDTC is actively engaged with CDTA (Capital Distrct Transportation Authority) in Transit planning for the Capital Region. CDTA's BusPlus system evolved from seeds planted in the original New Visions regional transportation plan adopted in the 1990's. Transit planning iniatives have included concept planning and alternatives analysis of three BusPlus lines, one of which is operating on Route 5 between downtown Albany and downtown Schenectady. CDTA continually assess and refines its route system through small changes related to changes in land use to large scale route restructuring in a community. CDTA is a key partner to CDTC, serving not only as CDTC's host agency but also as a key member of CDTC's Policy Board.

Transit planning at CDTC also include efforts to coordinate the transportation services offered by a wide variety of community organizations as well as CDTA for those with limited mobility, those unable to use fixed route transit and those requiring medical transportation.

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CDTC's New Vision Plan goes far beyond traditional transportation issues by examining issues related to a Quality Region. A quality region considers health, the economy, and the environment within an overall framework of land use planning and transportation policies. Creating and sustaining a quality region in the Capital District is Central to the direction of New Visions towards urban investment, concentrated development patterns, and smart economic growth.

A quality region:

  • Develops and sustains healthy urban, suburban, and rural communities that function interdependently and readily adapt to change
  • Creates economic, educational, social, cultural, and recreational opportunities.
  • Provides safe neighborhood environments and housing choices for all.
  • Protects sensitive environmental resources.
  • Fosters community identity and "a sense of place" in all parts of the region.

To achieve a quality region, CDTC explores topics such as alternative fuels, electric vehicles, fuel conservation, travel demand management, environmental systems, environmental justice and smart growth.

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